House of the Silver Star (location)

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More information about the House history and structure can be found on the House of the Silver Star (group) page.

The House building can be found along the Garden Crescent area near the interior south gate of Shard. The building contains space open to the public and for House-members only. Within the building are a number of refreshments and Picked flora.

House Areas Open to the Public

[House of the Silver Star, Atop the Willow Tree]
High in the willow's branches is a smooth wooden platform with an unobstructed view of the nighttime sky. Towards the northwest, the massive black marble building which is home to the House of the Silver Star stands proudly, little visible through its drawn curtains. A downward glance reveals the city of Shard, illuminated with thousands of lights cut through by the pools of darkness where the rivers lie. You also see a massive trunk, a plaid waxed cotton blanket spread out on the platform and a small basket hung on a nearby branch.
Obvious exits: none.

In a small basket hung on a nearby branch
Item Price Done
a fluffy diakasuur on a delicate frosted blue glass plate 0   
a tall and slender bottle of sainyuso suur 0   !!

[House of the Silver Star, Sitting Room]
Gazing down from the walls are portraits of prominent House members past, the glow from the large fireplace reflected on their gilded frames. Rich red curtains are open to reveal a view of the manicured grounds outside, and plush black velvet furniture is clustered atop a jewel-toned raw silk woven rug. You also see a long black velvet couch, an overstuffed black velvet armchair and a lacquered tea table with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the lacquered tea table
Item Price Done
a lightly glazed almond wreath pastry 0   !!
a small pot of spiced lemon tea spiked with a splash of apple brandy 0   

[House of the Silver Star, Gardens]
White beeswax candles flicker with pale light, encircling a glassy obsidian fountain. The natural flow and warp of the stone cause odd reflections in the water before it spills into the basin below. Ringing the crushed marble gravel surrounding the fountain is an abundant moon garden that fills the air with a strong, sweet fragrance. A window of the building is barely visible in the darkness.
Obvious paths: south.


House Areas Open to House Members Only

[House of the Silver Star, Feasterie]
A stately piano sits at the ready near one of the the rich red brocade curtains, an elaborate golden candelabra atop it. An enormous silk-draped table piled high with food and drink takes up most of the space in this room, a dark ferishanloa chair at each silver-edged place setting. Underfoot is a heavy rug of indigo silk, silver-dipped threads running through it to sparkle in the candlelight.
Obvious exits: east.

On the silk-draped table
Item Price Done
a silver bowl filled with green and gold fettucini in a creamy mushroom and wine sauce 0   !!
some wild mushroom salad 0   !!
a bamboo tray of golden sainyuso rolls stuffed with mushrooms and leeks 0   !!
a bowl of chilled tomato soup with a dollop of parsley cream 0   !!
a stout glass decanter of black suur 0   !!
a rice and seaweed crab roll 0   !!
a shallow bowl of fresh pickled cucumber slices and mint leaves 0   
an elegant hand-blown bottle of pure green Elothean suur wine 0   !!
a creamy cheesecake topped with a glazed strawberry sauce 0   !!
a frosty dish of lime sherbet garnished with ripe berries 0   !!
a tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   
a bread bowl filled with a stew of seagrass and shellfish 0   
a bamboo tray of lobster and radish sainyuso rolls drizzled with creamy coconut lime dressing 0   
some roasted new potatoes in herbed butter 0   !!
a platter filled with savory dumplings stuffed with apple-roasted boar meat and served with a light ginger sauce 0   
an ochre jug of mulled cider 0   !!
a silver urn of strong black coffee 0   
a raised dish of rich sibo-diaka 0   
a deep crystal bowl of champagne and cloudberry sorbet garnished with fresh mint 0   !!
The food and drink rotate.

[House of the Silver Star, Rooftop]
Thick stone blocks form the roof of the House atop which a gleaming silver telescope rises like a spire. Numerous runes are carved into it, though many are scratched and damaged beyond recognition. A hefty brushed steel kettle of hot cocoa dangles above a wide granite firepit within quick reach, ready to warm even the coldest late-night stargazer. You also see a heavy door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the ground
Item Price Done
a kettle of hot cocoa 0   !!