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The information below details changes that may help returning players from 2013 and prior adjust and understand the current experience system. Please see Skills for current information.

DR3 rolled in a significant overhaul to skills. In previous iterations of DR, a number of skills were over-generalized, where one skill covered an unwieldy number of discrete systems (eg. Mechanical Lore). On the flip side, there were several skills that were very niche (eg. Animal Lore, Vocals), meaning they had few uses, and were largely trained only to generate TDP's.

Mech Split

The largest skill change will occur with Mechanical Lore. Mech will be replaced entirely with five new Lore skills, known collectively as the crafting skills. This will be a gradual rollout however as the number of new creation systems involved is quite large. Mech Lore will retain its functionality in a particular area until the relevant skill or system that replaces it is released.

The new skills, and the creation systems they each will control, are as follows. Bold indicates that the craft is live in game; italics indicates that the craft has not yet been released:

You will be able to allocate your Mech ranks into the new skills using the CONVERT command. You can only move experience into each crafting skill once. However, CONVERT allows you to preview each split before making it permanent.

As of September 2013, only Forging, Engineering, Outfitting, and Alchemy are enabled, so consider carefully whether you want to hold back any Mech ranks for Enchanting before finalizing your split.

Changes to Commands


EXP has gained a few new options.

  • EXPERIENCE SKILL will now list the shorthands for all skills. Shorthands for discontinued or merged skills (eg. Foraging, Teaching, Medium Edged) will output the new skill (eg. Athletics, Scholarship, Small Edged).
  • EXPERIENCE BONUS will display the state of your bonus pools. EXP BONUS TOGGLE <skillset>' will turn the bonus pool drain for that skillset on and off. A timer may be added, eventually.
  • EXPERIENCE SWITCH can be used for a limited time to swap the experience levels for the four new Magic skills, Augmentation, Debilitation, Warding, and Utility. This command will work for the first week after DR3's release, or the first 24 in-game hours after your character first logs in and is converted to DR3, whichever is later.


This is a new command released with DR3. See DISCERN for details.


The way these commands work with cambrinth has changed significantly. In brief, FOCUS now provides information only, and INVOKE is used to activate the cambrinth and ready the mana within it for use.

Changes to TDPs

  • Unlike previously announced, the way TDPs are earned did not change. However, all TDPs spent on spell slots or learning scrolls will be refunded, as other mechanics are being implemented for those systems and they will no longer work off spell slots. See Magic 3.0 for details.
  • Because many skills have been combined or eliminated, some characters may have a net gain of TDPs after conversion to DR3, while others might have a negative TDP balance. See FAQ section below.
  • Stats are now supported over a wider range than previously, so all players will receive the option to reset their stats twice in the first six months post release to allow rebalancing if desired. This can be done by using the RESPEC command.

Changes to Skills

New Skills

  • Forging, Engineering, Outfitting, Enchanting, and Alchemy: See the section on the Mech Split above.
  • Defending skill: Defending indicates your overall ability to defend against attacks, and is in the Armor skillset. It replaces Multiple Opponent's functionality as the skill used when being engaged with multiple foes, and also increases your defensive skills so that they're more effective overall. Defending is best trained by being in combat and successfully defending against an attack.
  • Melee Mastery skill and Missile Mastery skill: The Mastery skills indicate your overall ability with that class of weapon, and are in the Weapon skillset. Having a high Mastery skill gives you a bonus when using that kind of weapon - This is especially helpful during backtraining. The best way to train the Mastery skills is to train multiple weapons of that type. You can mind lock a Mastery skill using just one weapon, but you're better off training multiple weapons. For clarity thrown weapons count as ranged weapons.
  • Augmentation skill: Augmentation is one of the new magic skills, which gauges your ability to successfully augment yourself magically/supernaturally. It is the primary skill taken into account when casting spells that buff yourself or others. See the Magic 3.0 page for details on how to best train Augmentation.
  • Debilitation skill: Debilitation is one of the new magic skills, which gauges your ability to successfully penalize others without causing direct damage. It is the primary skill taken into account when casting spells that debuff others. See the Magic page for details on how to best train Debilitation.
  • Utility skill: Utility is one of the new magic skills, which gauges your ability to perform miscellaneous magical tasks that don't fit neatly into the other four spell skills. See the Magic page for details on how to best train Utility.
  • Warding skill: Warding is one of the new magic skills, which gauges your ability to successfully use barrier spells and abilities. It is the primary skill taken into account when casting spells like Ethereal Shield, Manifest Force, etc. See the Magic page for details on how to best train Warding.
  • Sorcery skill: Sorcery is another new magic skill, but it behaves very differently than the other four new skills. Your Sorcery skill indicates your ability to use mana types that you're unfamiliar with. This is used instead of your Primary Magic skill to determine if you're able to cast a spell that uses a different mana type. Training this skill is NOT, in and of itself, illegal. However, some spells are still illegal to use in any town, and if you use them you can be charged with Forbidden Practices. The best way to train Sorcery is simply to cast spells from other mana types that you find on scrolls.
  • Tactics skill: Tactics is a new skill in the Lore skillset. It has two current main uses: Applying multiple-opponent penalties to a target (useful for ganging up on people), and using non-damaging brawling moves. The best way to train it is to use tactical maneuvers like WEAVE and BOB against creatures.

General Method for Combining Skills

When two skills are combined, the new skill will be set to the higher of the two skills and the "lost" experience will be placed in an Overflow Pool. Each skillset has a separate pool, and so long as any is left in the pool, all skills learned in that skillset will receive a bonus to the drained bits. This bonus can be combined with RPA and other experience bonuses, though they are additive.


There are two exceptions to the previous rule.

  • If Stalking is higher than Hiding, the Stealth skill will only be raised to a maximum of 30% over the Hiding skill.
  • Only Bards will have Vocals count toward the Performance skill and will only receive up to 30% above their highest instrument skill. All others will have it completely moved to the bonus pool.

List of Combined and Renamed Skills

  • Light Armor: Leather armor, Bone armor, and Cloth armor have been combined into the Light Armor skill. This skill determines your ability with all of these kinds of armor.
  • Chain Armor: Heavy Chain and Light Chain have been combined into Chain Armor.
  • Brigandine Armor: Light Plate armor is now known as Brigandine Armor, and includes armors formed of sewn plates and also what is commonly known as 'banded mail'. This allows for further expansion of this niche.
  • Plate Armor: Heavy Plate Armor has been renamed to be simply Plate Armor
  • Small Edged: Light Edged and Medium Edged have been combined into the Small Edged skill.
  • Small Blunt: Light Blunt and Medium Blunt have been combined into the Small Blunt skill.
  • Slings: Slings and Staff Slings have been combined under the Slings skill now.
  • Bows: Longbow, Short Bow, and Composite Bows all use the Bows skill now.
  • Crossbows: Light and Heavy Crossbows will all use the Crossbows skill now.
  • Staves: Short Staff and Quarterstaff weapons will now use the Staves skill.
  • Polearms: Halberds and Pikes will now use the Polearms skill. This opens up the opportunity for exotic polearms as well.
  • Attunement: Harness and Power Perception have been combined into the Attunement skill. See the Magic page for more details.
  • Athletics: Climbing, Swimming, and (contrary to previous GM statements) Escaping have been combined into the Athletics skill.
  • Stealth: Hiding and Stalking have been combined into the Stealth skill.
  • Locksmithing: Lockpicking and Disarm Traps have been combined into the Locksmithing skill.
  • Thievery: Stealing has been renamed Thievery in order to allow for more opportunities to expand on the concepts there.
  • Outdoorsmanship: Outdoorsmanship combines Foraging and Animal Lore.
  • Performing: Performing includes all of the instrument skills - Percussions, Winds, Strings, and Vocals. However, Vocals will not count toward the new Performing skill unless you're a Bard.
Weapon and Armor Types

It should be noted that the classification of weapons and armor is not changing. There still will exist light edged and medium edged weapons, for example, though they both teach the Small Edges skill.

For most things the distinction is unimportant, but certain abilities such as Backstab still take the difference into account.

Retired Skills

Multiple Opponent:
Multiple Opponent no longer exists, because in its old incarnation it was difficult to train and harder to write fun abilities for. The skill checks that used to depend on MO will mostly now use Defending.

MO experience will not be moved into the weapons bonus pool, as both Defending and Tactics will partially derive their levels from it.

Escaping has been removed because it was too narrowly-defined to be expanded into a useful, widely trainable skill. Most of the skill checks that used to use escaping (notably, webs) will now use Athletics. Some (like escaping from the guards) will use Thievery.

Magic Skills

The new magic skills will be derived as a percentage of your Primary Magic. The command SWITCH <skill1> skill2> can be used to swap two magic skills. It can be used up to 24 hours after being converted to 3.0, but will not function if there is field experience in either of the two skills being switched.

Circle Requirement Terminology

A hard requirement is a skill that has its own specific requirement and cannot be used to satisfy general skillset requirements.

A soft requirement is a skill that has its own specific requirement and can be used to satisfy general skillset requirements.

A restricted skill is one that can be trained, but cannot be used to satisfy any circling requirements.


  • Q: I've got negative TDPs, what happens?
Nothing. Consider it a loan against TDPs gained in the future. You'll just have to start paying them off as you go.
The reason TDPs might be negative is from having a significant number of ranks in skills that were merged or eliminated. On the bright side, this most likely also means that you have significant bonus pools, and as you re-absorb that experience, you will regain ranks and thus TDPs more quickly than normal.
  • Q: I got an AFK scripting warning recently. How will that affect me?
A: Due to the magnitude of these changes, warnings will not prevent you from being grandfathered. All characters will receive the full montage of upgrades and increases, regardless of their sordid past.
  • Q: I could be circle 150 right now, but I'm not circling for RP reasons. Will my skills get grandfathered as if I was 150th circle?
A: Unfortunately, no. The system can only know what level you ARE, not what level you should be. This was one of the reasons that the circle range above 150th circle was opened up - to allow people to be grandfathered appropriately. We strongly advise everyone to circle as high as they are able before 3.0 in order to get all of their skills grandfathered appropriately.

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  • Lore Bonus Pool Spreadsheet: Estimates how many ranks you can gain in one or more skills until your bonus pool is depleted. (This spreadsheet requires information from the 3.0 Conversion Spreadsheet.)