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Skills are the measures of your character's expertise in the various actions available in DragonRealms. The higher one's ranks in a given skill, the better one is in performing the actions associated with that skill.

Below are all the current skills in DragonRealms at a glance. The primary training method only represents the most popular training methods and is not exhaustive. Indirect boosts to skills through stat boosts are not included. Boosting methods from Empath Links, CJ, or Predictions are omitted.

(Under construction)

Guild Skills

Guild-specific skills can only be learned and taught by members.

Skill Guild Skillset Training Boosting Methods1
Empathy Empath Lore Taking wounds, manipulating creatures, PERCEIVE HEALTH Gift of Life
Astrology Moon Mage Magic Successful predictions, completing Astral Travel Aura Sight
Expertise Barbarian Weapons Completing a Barbarian-specifc ANALYZE command, combat maneuvers
Scouting Ranger Survival HUNT command, TRACK people and creatures, completing ranger trails
Backstab Thief Survival FROM HIDING: BACKSTAB command against Bipedal Foes; Attack specific body parts; Ambush abilities
Summoning Warrior Mage Magic Controlling a Familiar, Summon Weapon, Summoning Admittance/Impedance, and using Aethereal pathways
Bardic Lore Bard Lore  ?
Asceticism Paladin Defense Not live yet?
Theurgy Cleric Magic Rituals train a small amount of Theurgy and boost devotion. Communes train Theurgy well, but consume devotion.
Thanatology Necromancers Survival  ?

1. Guild skills can be influenced using Moon mage prediction

Note: Not shown: Trading, guild-specific skill of Traders.

Armor Skillset

Skill Types Boosting Methods
Shield Usage Small Shields, Medium Shields, Large Shields
Light Armor Cloth, Leather, Bone Skein of Shadows, Divine Armor, Contemplation, Y'ntrel Sechra
Chain Armor Mail, Chain, Ring Skein of Shadows, Divine Armor, Contemplation, Y'ntrel Sechra
Brigandine Lamellar, Brigandine, Scale Skein of Shadows, Divine Armor, Contemplation, Y'ntrel Sechra
Plate Armor Heavy Plate, Plate, Light Plate Divine Armor, Contemplation, Y'ntrel Sechra
Defending General armor proficiency

Weapon Skillset

Magic Skillset

Survival Skillset

Skill (in-depth) Uses Governing Stats Primary Training Method Boosting Methods
Evasion Avoiding incoming hazards Reflex Combat Seer's Sense, Piranha Form, Khri Illusion, Swirling Winds
Athletics Moving over obstacles Strength, Stamina Climbing, Swimming, CLIMB PRACTICE Athleticism, Unyielding, Khri Flight
Perception Searching, Foraging, Picking boxes, Anti-Stealth checks, Juggling Wisdom Hunt Clear Vision, Eye of Kertigen, Revelation, Khri Sight, Owl Form, Glyph of Light
Stealth Hiding/Stealth effectiveness and RT, Stealth Attacks Discipline, Agility, Reflex Combat: Hiding, Stalking, Ambush, Poach, Snipe Shadows, Panther Form, Earth Meld, Misdirection, Khri Dampen, Skein of Shadows
Locksmithing Disarming and picking boxes Agility, Reflex Disarm and picking boxes, Practice box Hands of Lirisa, Focus Meditation, Piercing Gaze, Drums of the Snake, Khri Safe
Thievery Picking coins and gems from pockets, Pilfering items from NPC shops Agility, Discipline Stealing from shops
First Aid Reducing Tending RT on Wounds, removing lodged object or creatures Keeping wounds tended over time, studying anatomy charts
Outdoorsmanship Foraging effectiveness, mining, removing lodged creatures, animal lore, fishing Intelligence, Wisdom Collecting rocks Wolf Scent, Tenebrous Sense
Skinning Getting higher quality skins and crafting materials from dead creatures. Agility, Intelligence, Discipline Skin, Scrape Hands of Lirisa

Lore Skillset