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The RESPEC command is a limited-availability command that is used to respecialize or reset your character's stats, usually as a consequence of major game system changes.


>respec help
------RESPEC VERB-------
This verb allows you (when deemed appropriate by Simutronics) to respecialize various parts of your character.
Currently, you are eligible for:
  - A full statistic respec   (to get, type: RESPEC STAT)

 IMPORTANT:  There is no extra confirmation, if you type a respec command other than respec or respec help,
 you will perform the respec.  Be sure you are not in a dangerous position.

DR 3.0

As part of the DR 3.0 release in January 2013, stats can now be effectively trained over a wider range than previously. Players will be permitted to RESPEC for a limited time in order to rebuild their stats from their racial starting values if desired.

Previous uses

on 12/22/2008 3:28:03 PM

As a Christmas/Holidays present from your lovable GMs here at Simutronics, to you, our players, we are offering you the chance to respecialize your characters in a way we've never yet allowed.

I have released the RESPEC verb, which is meant to assist in this (and any other time we decide to do something similar).

For the next two weeks (until but not including 01/04/2009), you may choose to RESPEC STAT. This will remove 50% of all of your statistics, and refund every single TDP point to you. In addition, statistics training has been made free for the same time period.

Please type RESPEC for a brief review of what I just said, and please note that typing RESPEC STAT is immediate so we really suggest you don't be in a hunting area.

Remember, this offer is only good for the next two weeks, so if you want to use it, don't hoard it! It will go away!

This offer is open in all instances of the game.


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