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The DISCERN command is a new command released with DR 3.0 that is used to gain information about a spell, the difficulty of the spell, and an estimate of the amount of mana you are capable of using for the spell.


  • DISCERN <spell>
  • DISCERN <magic device>


DISCERN allows you to learn more information about a spell that you can cast. Depending on your Arcana skill, you will discern information about how the spell works as well as try to calculate the amount of mana that you can put into the spell.

This ability only works on spells that you are able to cast, including spells that you have memorized as scrolls and spells contained in a magical device such as a runestone.

These all rely on your Arcana in relation to the difficulty of the spell to cast at minimum mana. To find your personal cap, your Arcana needs to be higher than the skill associated with that skill (for instance, TM is the skill associated with Fire Shards). If your Arcana is lower, it will give you an amount of mana that you can prep the spell at, but it may not be your personal cap. The messaging reflects this.

This ability uses Arcana, has roundtime, and grants a pittance of Arcana experience. Additionally, the experience is on a timer per-spell - the experience is explicitly not intended to be useful for locking the Arcana skill quickly - There are plenty of better ways to train it. The award is really just a small bonus to people who actively spend time reviewing their spellbooks and what their spells do (or the people that fit DISCERN into their scripts, I suppose).


> discern ease

The Ease Burden spell does precisely what the name implies. Through the careful weaving of kinetic force, providing support particularly along the subject's shoulders and lower back, the caster is able to ease the burden of carrying heavy objects on the recipient of the spell.

This is a non-battle spell that can be cast on a single target. Non-battle spells have significantly longer preparation times than battle spells. It can be cast without a target and on other adventurers. It requires a minimum of one mana streams, and can expand to a maximum of ninety-eight mana streams woven into it. To begin to be able to cast this spell, you will need to reach the rank of a lowly novice. By the time you have mastered this spell, you will be ranked as an authority in your abilities as a caster. It requires the Augmentation skill to cast effectively. This spell has no prerequisites. It will also cost one spell slot.

You think you could weave at most 27 mana streams into this spell.

Roundtime: 8 sec.

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