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Scavenger Troll
Unknown creature.jpg
Relative Level 27
Skill Cap 170 to 220
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Backstabbable Back Stab
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses Yes
Skinning Details
Part Name scavenger troll claw
Part Weight 4
Ranks Required 125
Max Value 406 Kronars
324.8 Lirums
292.97 Dokoras
0.406 LTBpoints
0.406 Tickets
0.406 Scrips
Max Arranged 465 Kronars
372 Lirums
335.544 Dokoras
0.465 LTBpoints
0.465 Tickets
0.465 Scrips
Manipulatable Unknown
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown


The a scavenger troll closely resembles its cousin, the Wood Trolls in appearance and ugliness. Hulking and heavily muscled with rough bark-like skin, it stares down at you with scrutinizing eyes as if wondering whether you have anything worthwhile. Bits of tattered cloth and leather cling to its grotesque form in a haphazard parody of clothing, souvenirs scavenged from the bodies of many a luckless adventurer.

In Depth

Skill Caps

  • Evasion does not move past dabbling post 220
  • Weapons are extremely hard to move past 200. Do not move past dabbling at 220.
  • Skinning: Consistent perfect skins (full arrange) and quick locking at 285. (05/31/2017)

Special Attacks

Scavenger trolls have the ability to steal a player's weapons. This can supposedly be avoided with enough brawling skill. They can be reclaimed if the troll is killed before it degenerates. The Scavenger troll will also take things off of your corpse and in your grave. If you don't come back fast enough to kill it, the creature will despawn and what is stolen will be lost forever.

The scavenger troll exclaims, "Gimmie dat engraved scimitar!"

The scavenger troll stretches its arms towards Argowall. It grabs his scimitar and wrenches it from his hand.

Special Defenses

  • APPRAISE CAREFUL info: The troll appears immune to normal poisons.


Some appraise at about in all stats and others at not quite.


When not carried, the scimitar is often stowed in the frayed knapsack.

DISARM / PICK IDENTIFY difficulty ranges:

Body Parts

  • ARRANGE INFO: The troll can be arranged to produce a part.


  • Spawn: A scavenger troll arrives, scouring the area.
  • Entrance: A scavenger troll strolls in, looking attentively at the ground.
  • Exit: A scavenger troll kicks at the ground and strolls <direction>.
  • Death1: The scavenger troll falls to the ground and lies still.
  • Death2: The scavenger troll screams one last time and lies still.
  • Decay: The body of the scavenger troll dissolves, leaving behind the few possessions it was able to accumulate.

Recall Knowledge

You recall everything noteworthy about a scavenger troll... which is apparently nothing.
They are not known to cast any recognized spells.
They are known to carry loot in locked boxes.