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The PICK command is used to open locks in conjunction with a lockpick.


To pick a lock, it requires that a lockpick be held in hand (or the presence of a worn lockpick ring), with the other hand either empty or containing the locked object.


The primary use for this command is to open containers dropped by slain creatures. It is possible to pick a lock with an armed trap, however, it is much harder and risks setting off the trap. It has been noted by GMs that they feel this has been abused and that it may change in the future[1].

Other Locks

Some buildings have locks that may attempted to be picked, however the majority of them cannot be opened and will simply cause a 20 second RT, teaching a small amount.


  • PICK HELP: Will display Pick command Syntax.
  • PICK <item> <option>: Will attempt to pick the item using the lockpicks on a belt worn lockpick ring, if present, or the lockpick in hand.
  • PICK <item> <option> WITH LOCKPICK: Will attempt to pick the item using the lockpicks in hand, regardless of the presence of a lockpick ring.


  • PICK <item> IDENTIFY: Used to determine the difficulty of the lock, as well as making it slightly easier to pick.
  • PICK <item> CAREFUL: Attempts to pick the lock more slowly, incurring greater roundtime, but making it considerably easier and safer. This will give less experience.
  • PICK <item>: Attempts to pick using the standard method. Neither riskier or safer, easier or more difficult.
  • PICK <item> QUICK: Trying to speed up the process, the action is considerably more difficult, but also awards more experience.
  • PICK <item> BLIND: Only for professionals, this takes time and ruins plenty of lockpicks.
  • PICK <item> ANALYZE: Used to analyze the type of lock on the object. Some locks may require different types of lockpicks.
  • NOTE: PICK <option> can be used alone with the item if it is held in your hand.


  1. Source post from the Simutronics Forum is longer available

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