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Level Formula

Per GM Zadraes:

I mean, I can give you the math used when a creature is spawned using the +/- fudge, but it wouldn't apply to most at the = level. Most old creatures had hand-set skills/stats/levels so there could be tanky things vs glass cannons vs whatever-their-creator-wanted (see again: wonkiness with dark sprites in Riverhaven castle), and only newer creatures since X3 are likely to abide by this 'standard for x level', but even some of them won't. This is for creature spawn attack/defense ranks -- other systems do their own thing (stealth, magic), and each creature has the potential (if creator wanted) to give them custom stealth/perception/magic skills.
For levels 0-29: skill is level*4.
For levels 30-99: skill is (level*5)-30.
For levels 100-149: skill is (level*6)-130.
For levels 150+: skill is (770 + ((level-150)*15))
Note that 'level' is not 'estimated level'.


--TEVESHSZAT (talk) 12:23, 1 May 2021 (CDT)