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1) Moves the body of the critter around to make skinning it more difficult than normal, but increases the chances of a perfect skin. 2) Allows selection of specific parts of an animal. 3) Allows you to change your own or someone else's hairstyle.
ARRANGE <creature>

ARRANGE <Person> HAIR <style number>
See below for specifics.


After you ARRANGE you then SKIN the creature to get the item you are looking for.


  • ARRANGE <Person> HAIR <style number>

Arrange hair options: USAGE: ARRANGE HAIR # -or- ARRANGE <player> HAIR #, where # can be any of the following options for your current hair style:


1) loose
2) loose, tucked behind his ears
3) parted down the center
4) parted on the side
5) slicked back away from his face
6) matted down on top in a serious case of "helmet hair"
7) in a simple, loose style
8) cropped short on top, longer in the back and sides
9) shaved on one side
10) in choppy layers
11) cropped along the sides and sleekly combed back
12) in an asymmetrical cut


1) tied back
2) pulled back in a ponytail
3) arranged in pigtails
4) pulled back in a bun
5) coiled in an upswept twist
6) loosely piled atop his head
7) arranged in ringlets
8) pulled up in a topknot
9) pulled into a slouchy bun at the back of the head
10) shaved on the sides and pulled back into a ponytail
11) coiled into buns on each side of the head
12) pulled up into a ponytail to reveal a tapered undercut


1) braided
2) pulled back in two braids
3) arranged in an intricate Elven braid
4) coiled atop his head in a regal braided coronet
5) pulled back in a multitude of beaded braids
6) tied back in a thin braided tail
7) tied back in an intricate five-stranded braid
8) pulled up in an elaborate four-stranded braid
9) in protective box braids
10) in a fishtail braid
11) shaved on the sides and braided into a mohawk
12) arranged in a sleek Dwarven plait around the crown of the head

Tousled (muss once):

1) tousled
2) in a careless, windblown arrangement
3) brushed over the top of his head to hide a receding hairline
4) in a tousled, finger-combed style
5) in a tousled mass of locks that tumbles over his shoulders
6) in a mop of unruly cowlicks
7) feathered back from his face in a windblown look
8) in an odd, frizzy mop -- a definite "bad-hair" day
9) tousled with bits of twigs and leaves
10) artfully tousled
11) styled with soft finger curls
12) in a halo of tousled curls

Unkempt (muss twice):

1) unkempt
2) tangled
3) shaggy
4) untamed
5) teased
6) arranged in tight dreadlocks
7) arranged in a mohawk
8) arranged in oiled spikes
9) tangled in knots
10) ratted into a tangled mess
11) in matted rope-like strands
12) teased into a towering beehive

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