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Zoluren Town Hall Meeting: 21 Uthmor 415 · on 02/22/2015 08:08 PM CST 2108
Date: 21 Uthmor 415 (2/22/2015)

[Town Hall, Public Meeting Room]
The largest room in the Town Hall, this is used for public meetings. Both official meetings and ones held at the behest of townsfolk will be had here. Sometimes visiting scholars will lecture for the edification of the populace as well. Dark oak panelled walls and polished floor are surprisingly clean and in good repair. Padded benches for the public's use are arrayed about a small stage and podium.
You also see a golden-pawed white lynx with fierce silver-green eyes that is sitting, a box of gifts bearing the crest of the Order of the White Rose, a cloth-covered buffet bearing the insignia of the White Rose with several things on it and some heavy double doors.
Also here: Blood Phoenix Drexella, Peacemaker Marssi, Saragos, Marmic, Apprentice Ranger Kaev, Doctor Tyler, Inferno Jiah, Hodierna's Fist Kaelie, Archon Isharon, Nomad Ibakha who is sitting, Inspector Muneyoshi, Brawler Chijratoa who is lying down, Tathalus, Serpent Vauss, Navesi who is sitting, Lord Knight Sebestyen, Safe Cracker Ezly who is sitting, Mageling Mahalor, Inspiration Kasto who is sitting, Judge Saldszar, Visionist Miskton, Vice-Speaker Aislynn who is sitting, Petal of the Rose Mystyrain, Lolindyr who is sitting, Psychokinetic Vansiil, Rogue Wolfegard who is sitting, Azcarlei, Social Butterfly Charryl who is sitting and Stargazer Mistanna who is sitting.
Obvious exits: none.

[20:03] Vansiil asks, "Eveyone settled?"

[20:03] Chijratoa helplessly asks, "Is this about Elpalzi, and if so, what are they?"

[20:03] Wolfegard quietly says, "I muist think on that stuff and things...dont mind me for a short while..."

[20:03] Kasto says to Vansiil, "As much as I'm going to be, yes."

[20:04] Vansiil says, "Its about happenings in general, which will cover many topics."

[20:04] Charryl says, "Elpalzi... they make you go boom and then your head swells and hurts..."

[20:04] Charryl says, "Ears pop."

[20:04] Charryl says, "Flat out nasty creatures."

[20:04] Vansiil says, "Charryl sums it up pretty well."

[20:04] Vansiil says, "So, recent invasions."

[20:05] Vansiil says, "Elpalzi were sighted up the NTR a few days ago."

[20:05] Vansiil says, "They killed a few people, and were killed in return."

[20:06] Aislynn quietly asks, "Any further attempts at barricades? Or have they given up on construction?"

[20:06] Ezly says, "Oh hello."

[20:06] Vansiil says, "Some were also seen early today, out near Kaerna."

[20:06] Ezly asks, "So what this gathering be a Soiree?"

[20:06] Vansiil says, "I have not seen any barricades of late."

[20:06] Ibakha says, "I am not sure this technically qualifies as a soiree."

[20:06] Ezly says, "And if you know what a Soiree is, and this isn't one, tell me what would make this a Soiree."

[20:06] Chijratoa asks, "It looks like the El-pal-zi look like man-bear-pigs... is that right?"

[20:07] Drexella says, "Nice."

[20:07] Vauss says, "More like dogfaced buffoons."

[20:07] Ibakha says to Ezly, "Music and dancing and things."

[20:07] Vansiil says, "Seven foot tall hair bastards."

[20:07] Vansiil says, "Hairy."

[20:07] Tathalus says, "With a camoflauge colored fur."

[20:07] Drexella says, "Thank you for the gift, I like this."

[20:07] Navesi says to Ezly, "More focus on conversation and dancing, food and drink, etc."

[20:08] Aislynn quietly says to Tathalus, "If they're standing in a forest with splotchy grey leaves, maybe. They kind of stick out in the streets, though."

[20:08] Kaelie says, "I feel like everytime someone utters an insult in flys a gidii."

[20:08] Azcarlei says, "Or get poison ivy."

[20:08] Kaev says, "'cept if it's splotchy grey streets."

[20:08] Aislynn quietly says, "Very true."

[20:08] Vansiil asks, "Has anyone heard of any progress in trying to get into Sorrow's Keep?"

[20:08] Chijratoa says, "Tath Oh, so they're like living ghillie suits."

[20:08] Tathalus says, ")aisl sorry, lemme clarify, woodland camo."

[20:08] Charryl says, "Thoughts a moment..."

[20:08] Mistanna says, "I heard something about a gnome..."

[20:09] Vauss says, "I poked around up there. Didn't see any signs of no Elpalzi."

[20:09] Kaelie says, "The gnomes name is Sagmordorz."

[20:09] Tathalus says, "Yeah, doesnt work in town though."

[20:09] Vauss asks, "We sure that's where they're hidin' at?"

[20:09] Tathalus says, "Well except that one day long ago."

[20:09] Lolindyr asks, "I'm sorry, not to backtrack. Who is this gnome again ?"

[20:09] Mistanna says, "I've watched them in there."

[20:09] Tathalus says, "They were coming from the lake."

[20:09] Kaelie says, "Sagmadorz."

[20:10] Lolindyr asks, "Sagmadorz .. and what is his role ?"

[20:10] Kaev says, "Aside from hidin' in tha forge? dunno."

[20:11] Vansiil says, "Gnomes, untrustworthy lot."

[20:11] Navesi asks, "I too am confused. Surely this gnome must have some significance?"

[20:11] Vansiil says, "Most of them."

[20:11] Kaelie says, "He belongs to the family that at one time made the rings that allowed the magic that surronds the place to drop so people could enter."

[20:11] Kaev says, "No more untrustworthy than elfs, on the whole."

[20:11] Lolindyr says to Kaelie, "I didn't see you come in."

[20:12] Vansiil says, "Is this wise to be discussing in public? The furballs do have ears."

[20:12] Kaelie says to Lolindyr, "I stalked you in."

[20:12] Ibakha says to Vansiil, "It has already been discussed publicly."

[20:12] Chijratoa says, "Ooooh, talking about punching. This I get."

[20:12] Charryl asks, "Furballs....?"

[20:12] Mistanna says, "I do hear this is information we want to try and keep quiet."

[20:12] Kaelie says, "Well then I'll say no more."

[20:12] Mistanna says, "The Elpalzi have spies."

[20:12] Vansiil says, "A different class of furballs."

[20:12] Aislynn quietly asks, "If you see the little man... Ehm. He's skittish. Let Kaelie or me or Vansiil know where, and when, yes?"

[20:13] Vansiil says, "Agreed then."

[20:13] Vansiil asks, "There was a small invasion in town yesterday. What was it.. ogres?"

[20:14] Mistanna says, "There were Rock Guardians again a day or three ago..."

[20:14] Vansiil asks, "All successfully repelled, no?"

[20:15] Vauss asks, "We're standing here, aren't we?"

[20:15] Mystyrain says, "Yes."

[20:15] Kasto says to Vauss, "Actually, I'm sitting. But I get your point."

[20:16] Vansiil asks, "Miskton, I hear you may have seen some new visions, possibly regarding the Elpalzi?"

[20:16] Vansiil asks, "Would you mind sharing?"

[20:16] Miskton says, "Certainly."

[20:17] Miskton says, "There's nothing that clearly, without any doubt features the Elpalzi, but there are some aspects that make it seem a likely interpretation."

[20:18] Miskton says, "A murky haze descended over my vision. It grew thicker, and a noxious stench of smoke overwhelmed me. The clash of steel on steel rang out all around, and cries of battle from man and beast alike echoed ominously in the chaos. A distinctly unpleasant voice whispered behind me, "You will not stand in our way." My vision flashed with searing pain as something sharp pierced my back! With a gasp, the vision vanished and my surroundings returned."

[20:19] Miskton says, "I paused and turned at the sound of stone rolling across stone. A murky haze settled, accompanied by a weak smell of smoke. Great mounds of crumbled stone and metalwork loomed before me, and a fire blazed high into the sky from some other place apart from the rocky debris. Uniformed figures, each bearing a plain steel-hilted broadsword at their side, marched steadily towards me. As quickly as it came, the visio nwas gone, but the sound of marching feet echoed quietly in my memory."

[20:20] Miskton says, "A faint smell of smoke tugged at my senses. As I focused on it, a murky haze settled upon my vision. A strong voice that commaned attention called into the miasma, "Set the smiths to work at once. Arm and armor us, and instruct all to seek favors for battle. We will not wait for them to come to our doorstep." Blinking through the increasingly thick haze, my vision suddenly returned to normal, and the smell of smoke was gone."

[20:21] Wolfegard quietly says, "I got lost in there..."

[20:21] Miskton says, "So, the specifics are hard to determine, as usual, but it would certainly seem there's a large battle coming."

[20:21] Jiah says, "Feels like it has already been a very long battle."

[20:21] Vauss asks, "Isn't there always?"

[20:22] Miskton says, "The ruins bring to mind Ulf'Hara Keep, though there's again no more obvious signs of the location."

[20:22] Dahaita says, "Sounds like more head wounds are in my future."

[20:22] Kaev says, "Life is battle... only change is the enemy."

[20:22] Vauss says, "I say we take the fight to them. Scale the reach and assassinate their leaders where they rest."

[20:22] Chijratoa says, "So what do we know? They said they wanted favors, so these guys must have some religious background..."

[20:22] Ibakha says to Miskton, "It seems likely to me that this is Sorrow's Keep, but I have not lain eyes on that region myself, so it is hard to make a comparison."

[20:22] Miskton says, "And the Elpalzi don't have a monopoly on assassinations, but it is an approach they've demonstrated favor for."

[20:22] Ibakha says, "It is my sincere hope that there will be discretion shown here and that those who choose to fight the Elpalzi do not do so indiscriminately."

[20:22] Vansiil says, "They dont want favors."

[20:23] Vansiil says, "They want this land."

[20:23] Kaelie says, "Having been the target of them in the past they do have several still in their hire."

[20:23] Aislynn quietly says, "The Hunters make that rather.. hard."

[20:23] Vansiil says, "And our enslavement and eradication."

[20:24] Kaev says, "Chances are, the favors referenced are with gods, for the battle... not some end-goal."

[20:24] Miskton says to Ibakha, "Sorrow's Keep is another possibility, yes, though I don't know what the condition of the keep itself is. I've only seen it from the inside, via Shadewatch Mirrors."

[20:24] Vansiil says, "I feel that the last vision is not of the Elpalzi, but of someone leading us."

[20:24] Chijratoa asks, "So what people can go and get divine favors as easily as just going out and getting armor? Is it usually that easy?"

[20:24] Ibakha says to Miskton, "This seems to be the aftermath of some effort made to open it up."

[20:24] Kasto asks, "I see the second vision as being something that relates to us, as Zolurenites. Perhaps the Seneschal or some other is futured to rally us?"

[20:24] Vansiil says, "Against the Elpalzi."

[20:25] Aislynn quietly says, "Or the Prince."

[20:25] Kaev says, "It's a statement of preparation, same as forging blades and arming."

[20:25] Mistanna says, "I sort of thought it sounded like Grigoire."

[20:25] Aislynn quietly says, "Might be more swearing if it were Grigoire."

[20:25] Kasto says to Mistanna, "Good point. Both can be rather commanding in voice when needed."

[20:25] Jiah says, "Not sure that guessing who it is will help us much. But knowing would be a wonderful thing."

[20:26] Verrek mildly says to Jiah, "His name will be .......Steve."

[20:26] Aislynn quietly says, "In any case. Seems a good idea to sharpen your blades and scrape the rust off the armor."

[20:26] Kaev says, "And get favors."

[20:27] Verrek mildly says, "Or a god hiding spot."

[20:27] Drexella says, "A dull blade is worthless."

[20:27] Mystyrain asks, "Being newly returned I was wondering if someone could give me a short list of key players in this?"

[20:27] Kasto says, "Or, in my case, to check the provisions in my hiding spots. Gotta make sure there is plenty of rum, maybe some instrument strings too. Just in case..."

[20:27] Kaev says, "I hear the forge is a good place to hide."

[20:27] Vauss says, "I prefer the Gilded Unicorn. Decent ale there."

[20:27] Kaelie says, "And by hiding spot he doesn't mean triage."

[20:27] Aislynn quietly says to Drexella, "Nonsense! It's great for clubbing people over the head."

[20:27] Verrek mildly says, "Them and us."

[20:27] Drexella says to Aislynn, "But no good for beheading them."

[20:27] Aislynn quietly says, "True enough."

[20:28] Verrek mildly says, "Yeah, stop hiding in Triage, if you cant fight, then drag, scout, gate."

[20:28] Vansiil says, "The Elpalzi leader is Alret."

[20:28] Kaev says to Drexella, "Depends on how many times you whack at the neck."

[20:28] Navesi says to Mystyrain, "Alret is the leader of the Elpalzi, possible descendant of a previous prominent general. He leads a group of rebels who refuse to abide by the terms the Elpalzi agreed upon with Zoluren."

[20:29] Navesi says to Mystyrain, "On Zoluren's side, we of course have the Princess, her two children, the seneschal Maghana, and our military advisor, Lord Grigoire Denesal."

[20:29] Aislynn quietly says, "And Liev. Who does the paperwork. Sometimes."

[20:30] Vansiil says, "Lets not forget the scribe."

[20:30] Vansiil says, "Iazen."

[20:30] Aislynn quietly says to Vansiil, "Never."

[20:30] Navesi says to Mystyrain, "Princess Arilana, and her children's names are Princess Inavia and Prince Belirendrick IV."

[20:30] Vansiil says, "Held in captivity."

[20:30] Mistanna says, "Alret's used three assassins that we've seen so far, Tengh, Zayerg, and the last - Zhnai, we've managed to bury permanently."

[20:30] Jiah asks, "The scrib is still imprisioned yes?"

[20:30] Mystyrain says, "Thank you all."

[20:30] Navesi says, "Yes, our court scribe Iazen was kidnapped by the Elpalzi and has been held indefinitely."

[20:30] Kaev says, "And with him imprisoned, our pens are silenced..."

[20:31] Navesi says to Kaev, "I believe the seneschal takes care of that sort of thing for the moment. Or at least, there is someone else who does the job temporarily."

[20:32] Kaev says to Navesi, "I'm sure. I was attempting a dry reference, alluding to: at least we still have swords."

[20:32] Vauss says, "And yoyos."

[20:32] Navesi says, "Well, true enough."

[20:32] Navesi says, "If anyone else cares to take up a pen, I know something of the profession and can direct you to a good printing press."

[20:32] Vansiil asks, "Do we want to go into more detail about the Elpalzi?"

[20:33] Navesi says, "I wrote a short guide on them for the newsletter, if that would help."

[20:33] Vauss says, "How many of them are there? We've killed an awful lot so far."

[20:33] Aislynn quietly says, "If there are a whole lot more questions, we could have another informational meeting..."

[20:33] Kasto says to Aislynn, "Because the last one turned out so well."

[20:33] Aislynn quietly says to Vauss, "Several companies worth."

[20:34] Aislynn quietly says to Kasto, "No one died."

[20:34] Kaev says, "Magic'ing up reinforcements, no doubt."

[20:34] Kasto says to Aislynn, "Only because most of us ran fast enough."

[20:34] Vauss says, "I'm sort of in the mind that if they all came at us, there wouldn't be much we could do, then."

[20:34] Chijratoa says, "So what's a good way to fight them? I'm pretty good at strangling things."

[20:34] Aislynn quietly says to Kasto, "This must not've been MY informational thingy. Cause people were too sociable to run away from that."

[20:34] Vansiil says, "Alright then, if you want more detail about the Elpalzi, either ask to see Navesi's wonderful newsletter, or express interest to Aislynn to hold another lecture."

[20:34] Wolfegard quietly says, "Charge in screaming and waving something sharp."

[20:35] Kasto says to Aislynn, "No, the one the White Rose held where we had the Elpalzi come right into Town Hall to stalk us."

[20:35] Aislynn quietly says to Chijratoa, "Go with that, then. And stilts, maybe."

[20:35] Vansiil asks, "Where?"

[20:35] Aislynn quietly says to Kasto, "Ohh, that."

[20:35] Verrek mildly says, "Honestly, best way, might be finding the key, and hitting them where they sleep, with everything."

[20:35] Vansiil says, "Our meetings are perfectly safe."

[20:35] Vauss asks, "There's a key, eh?"

[20:35] Vansiil says, "Security is top - notch."

[20:35] Vansiil says, "Top."

[20:36] Vauss asks, "Where's the lock, though?"

[20:36] Chijratoa asks, "Ok. Sounds like a plan. Can somebody give me a lesson in stilts skill?"

[20:36] Vansiil says, "So, let us move onto events from our neighbors."

[20:36] Vansiil asks, "Mistanna, what news of Shard?"

[20:36] Verrek mildly says, "Not all keys are the same, nor are all locks visible."

[20:36] Ezly asks, "Stilts?"

[20:36] Kaev asks, "Walls magic'ed too?"

[20:37] Kaev asks, "And door?"

[20:37] Vauss says, "The walls are a thousand feet of sheer granite."

[20:37] Aislynn quietly says to Kaev, "Yes. And approached from above and below. The Elemental Hunters are very thorough."

[20:37] Mistanna says, "A few little things to share. Commander Rekave has been released from empathic care at long last, they claim he's fully recovered. He does seem to be back to giving his poor twin sister grief again."

[20:37] Aislynn quietly says, "Approaches, I mean."

[20:37] Kaev says to Aislynn, "Guess dwarves with pickaxes wouldn't work, then."

[20:37] Navesi says, "That is wonderful news."

[20:38] Vauss says, "Dwarves only dig down for some reason."

[20:38] Wolfegard quietly says, "Its a character flaw."

[20:38] Kaev says to Aislynn, "Or, 'togs with rocks and trees for bashin it."

[20:38] Aislynn quietly says to Kaev, "Sadly, no. We've been trying. There's this ridiculously large ravine in the way."

[20:38] Mistanna says, "The Vanguard has a few events coming up soon. Our eight year anniversary, an auction, as well as our usual spars and siegery..."

[20:38] Aislynn quietly says to Kaev, "Lobbing 'Togs with catapults has also been crossed off the list."

[20:38] Mistanna says, "And of course Miskton will be having another Visions meeting next week."

[20:39] Kaev says to Aislynn, "I was just about to suggest that... or 'Togs lobbing dwarves with pickaxes."

[20:39] Wolfegard quietly exclaims to Aislynn, "But that always works!"

[20:39] Vansiil says, "Thank you Mistanna."

[20:39] Mistanna says, "Otherwise there's not a whole lot of news from the South. It's been peaceful."

[20:39] Mistanna exclaims to Vansiil, "Thank you!"

[20:39] Kaev says, "Or would that be hurling..."

[20:39] Mistanna says, "Oh... one more thing..."

[20:40] Navesi says to Mistanna, "Peace is good. I'm glad things are well."

[20:40] Mistanna says, "I did hear that the Shard Street Faire is going to be coming back ... soonish."

[20:40] Navesi says, "Excellent. If any of you did not attend before, you must go."

[20:40] Sebestyen says, "Sounds splendid."

[20:40] Mistanna says, "Soo much good food! And cows."

[20:40] Kaev asks, "Soon'ish so... 4, maybe 5 years?"

[20:41] Mistanna says, "I'd say within a year, maybe two at the most."

[20:41] Vansiil says, "Drink bran."

[20:41] Mistanna says, "Crossing fingers."

[20:41] Lolindyr says to Vansiil, "Don't mind if I do."

[20:41] Vansiil exclaims, "Everyone, drink brandy!"

[20:41] Navesi says, "Well... if you insist."

[20:41] Lolindyr says, "It's Elven ... so, you know it's good."

[20:41] Vansiil says, "Or whatever you choose."

[20:42] Vansiil says, "Much better."

[20:42] Vansiil says, "And let us turn our ears to the North."

[20:42] Wolfegard quietly says, "Well I spose I best be getting, I need to go see if I remember how to kill things properly."

[20:42] Vansiil says, "I have heard some sad news."

[20:43] Wolfegard quietly asks Mistanna, "Could you me the exit?"

[20:43] Vansiil says, "The Order of the Dragon Shield has been shuttered by the Orders Administrator."

[20:43] Sebestyen says, "Well.. actually."

[20:43] Vansiil says, "I do not know for what reason."

[20:43] Mistanna mutters something into the air about pardon a roi.

[20:43] Navesi says, "Oh no. How very sad."

[20:43] Vansiil asks, "Is that news no longer correct?"

[20:43] Sebestyen says, "A misunderstanding that will be resolved.. soonish."

[20:44] Vansiil exclaims, "Huzzah!"

[20:44] Sebestyen says, "Our House has been re-opened.. and we are smothing out the other issues at a meeting not long after this one concludes."

[20:44] Sebestyen says, "So.. no worries."

[20:44] Sebestyen says, "Accross the lake.. well.. not much that I know of."

[20:44] Vansiil says, "We would have missed the members of the ODS and thier events greatly."

[20:45] Sebestyen says, "Thank you for that.."

[20:45] Sebestyen says, "We are back in the saddle again.."

[20:45] Isharon says to Sebestyen, "I am relieved. Unwelcome rumors traveled as far south as Shard."

[20:45] Sebestyen says, "So to speak.."

[20:45] Sebestyen says, "More accurately.. the donkey is well, and the Tankard open."

[20:45] Ibakha says, "That is a relief to hear, indeed."

[20:46] Vansiil exclaims, "Everyone, raise another brandy...for the ODS!"

[20:46] Drexella says, "Yes it is, we can't afford for Razzer to start bar hopping again."

[20:46] Chijratoa exclaims, "I can't keep drinking so fast on command!"

[20:46] Aislynn quietly says to Vansiil, "I think you need to... ehm. Refresh the brandy selection."

[20:46] Drexella says, "Very kind, thank you."

[20:47] Sebestyen says, "We have a fine brandy at our Tankard.."

[20:47] Vansiil says, "We keep the better brandy hidden."

[20:47] Sebestyen says, "But I digress.."

[20:47] Sebestyen says, "Accross the lake from Riverhaven.. not much news.. thought the Theren Theatre put on an excellent performance the other eve."

[20:48] Sebestyen says, "If any can make it to those, expect to be well entertained.."

[20:48] Sebestyen says, "Not much to add regarding Riverhaven.. the normal lot of rebels, rocks and goblins about.."

[20:48] Sebestyen says, "A few necromancers causing mischief.."

[20:49] Sebestyen says, "We have our Town Hall meeting in a couple days.."

[20:49] Sebestyen says, "Perhaps some news will develop for that."

[20:49] Vansiil says, "Thank you for sharing, Sebestyen."

[20:50] Sebestyen says, "A pleasure."

[20:50] Vansiil asks, "Kasto, I beleive you had a few annoucements?"

[20:50] Kasto says, "I did, indeed."

[20:50] Kasto says, "So, as always, the Tavern Troupe has a whole bunch of stuff upcoming."

[20:51] Kasto says, "This time, we've got three fun activities for all to enjoy."

[20:51] Kasto says, "First up, we'll be hosting our very first meeting of the Tavern Troupe Book Club."

[20:51] Kasto says, "We'll be meeting at the Aesmath Academy and discussing the finer qualities of the book "Why Knife Clan?" by that loveable Tog, Caraamon."

[20:52] Vansiil asks, "Is it legible?"

[20:52] Kaev asks, "Is it about forging?"

[20:52] Kasto says, "Word is the author himself might stop by, if I can tear him away from the forge to share some words."

[20:52] Kasto says, "Nah, it's about Gor'Tog stuff and yes it is legible."

[20:52] Isharon wryly says to Kasto, "He will come for tyrium."

[20:52] Kaev says, "Thought his answer to that question is cuz he was born there..."

[20:53] Kasto says, "Following that, will be a return of my wonderful Fishing Trip activity."

[20:53] Kasto says, "This time we'll be going to Aesry and seeing what we can catch."

[20:53] Kasto says, "Passage is provided by either my vessel or Anjinson's. We'll decide which when the time comes."

[20:53] Kasto says, "And lastly, but not leastly, we'll be debuting a brand new game for the Troupe."

[20:54] Kasto says, "The Punny People competition."

[20:54] Ibakha says to Kasto, "I am so. Excited."

[20:54] Kasto says, "Like it or not, puns are quite popular. As such, we'll be competing folks against each other to detirmine who is the best punster."

[20:55] Mistanna says, "I tried to extend your invitation to Starlear but... he said it wouldn't be fair."

[20:55] Kasto says, "Some coin and a fancy trophy for the winners."

[20:55] Kasto says, "And..."

[20:55] Kasto says, "That's it."

[20:55] Kasto says, "For now."

[20:55] Vauss asks, "Coin, hmm?"

[20:55] Navesi exclaims to Mistanna, "He's good, but he should give the others someone to beat!"

[20:55] Vansiil says, "Thank you Kasto."

[20:55] Kasto says to Vansiil, "Thank you."

[20:55] Sebestyen asks Kasto, "What about pirates?"

[20:55] Kasto asks Sebestyen, "Pirates? Where?"

[20:56] Sebestyen asks, "Any chance of pirates while sailing?"

[20:56] Vauss asks, "Can we be pirates?"

[20:56] Vauss says, "I want to be a pirate."

[20:56] Kasto says to Sebestyen, "Nah, my vessel is too small and not wealthy enough for them to concern themselves with."

[20:56] Isharon says to Sebestyen, "Given the captain, I would say the odds are very good."

[20:56] Vauss says, "I don't know how to sail, but I can swing a cutlass pretty good."

[20:56] Aislynn quietly asks Kasto, "No one's told them about the rum stores, then?"

[20:56] Vansiil says, "The Order of the White Rose and the Order of the Black Fox are co hosting an event in the coming days."

[20:56] Kasto exclaims to Aislynn, "Hush!"

[20:56] Vansiil says, "It is the Black and White Ball."

[20:57] Kaev asks, "Is that a pirate thing too?"

[20:57] Vansiil exclaims, "There will be games and prizes, and fun!"

[20:57] Vauss says, "I don't like fun."

[20:57] Kaev says, "Pirate flags tend to be those colors."

[20:57] Sebestyen says, "Seems I completely sidetracked with the mention of pirates.."

[20:57] Vansiil says, "It will be held in Order Headquarters just a few steps away from the bank."

[20:57] Sebestyen says, "Aplogies."

[20:58] Mistanna asks Sebestyen, "At least Sassy's not here?"

[20:58] Sebestyen says to Mistanna, "A pity actually."

[20:58] Vansiil asks, "Does anyone have any questions or anything else to add before the meeting draws to a close?"

[20:59] Aislynn quietly exclaims, "Apostles have an event coming up in a few days... Prison Break!"

[20:59] Aislynn quietly asks, "Leucius designed this thing, so I've no idea what the plan is. Aren't I helpful?"

[20:59] Vauss says, "I ain't going back in. I served my nickel."

[21:00] Aislynn quietly says, "Check your calenders. It'll be fun."

[21:00] Vansiil says, "Well then, thank you all very much for coming to the Zoluren Town Hall Meeting. Stay safe and smash the Elpalzi."

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