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Tavern Troupe Performing Order
This is an Official Order
Sanctioned Province: Zoluren
City Base: Crossing
Active Members: 16
Website: http://www.taverntroupe.com/
Twitter: @TheTavernTroupe
Speaker: Vixonia
Vice Speaker: Eruwyn
Treasurer: Allye
Council Members




~~ Tavern Troupe Performing Order ~~

Sanctioning Province: Zoluren

The purpose of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order is to provide Elanthia with entertainment that will in turn, increase the morale of the citizens of the land. Morale, especially in times of war or times of rebuilding, is very important as it impacts the citizens' effectiveness in fighting, as well as help to impact the economy -- happy people fight better and work harder.

The Tavern Troupe provides entertainment for formal and informal gatherings, teaches skills such as song and play writing, and sponsors their own gatherings to entertain and reward the citizens.

Sponsorship Required: Yes
Minimum Circle Requirement to Join: None
Guilds Welcome: All
Races Welcome: All

Speaker of the Order: Vixonia Toryan
Vice Speaker: Eruwyn Cholares
Treasurer: Allye Karayilma
Council Members: Aetheline, Almarius Kendialahle, Hebion Cholares, Nilme Iondu'il, Tiarmo Ilarion

Former Speakers

Kelela FyreDance, Kasto del'Fawkraste, Anjinson Shilanthor


"Keep your throats wet and your strings dry."
- Bubbinster Bladebender, Founder of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order

Long, long ago there existed a small group of bards, mostly young, but quite wild and exciting as well as entertaining. This group of friends all enjoyed writing songs and plays, and would sometimes sing them in the streets of Crossing as many bards do, but discovered that the general public didn't seem to share their enjoyment of their performances. They began to wonder how they could find audiences that would enjoy hearing and watching the group perform. Being young bards, they were constantly broke, and lacking of even enough coins to buy their instruments, they also wondered how they would be able to make a living with their bardic talents.

Then, the day came when they met at a Tavern and after much commiserating of their situation, they decided to form a performing troupe. They wrote some plays and songs specifically for them to perform as a group, and instead of singing songs in the streets, they sang to offer the troupe's entertainment to any who may wish to hire them. Eventually, a patron overheard their songs of advertisement and offered to hire the group of young bards to perform at his wedding. Well, the bards were a huge hit with the guests, and their patron rewarded them handsomely, both in coins and in gifts. While many of the guests were leaving the wedding, they asked the groom where he found such an entertaining bunch of merrymakers. The groom simply replied, 'I found them in a Tavern, the Troupe of the Tavern you might say!' Well, lo and behold, the happy group of young bard friends soon had folks inquiring of the 'Troupe of the Taverns' to entertain at their own weddings or parties. Rapidly they discovered their talents were being engaged more and more frequently.

Other bards began to hear of the success and fun of the 'Tavern Troupe' as well, and the small group of friends turned into a larger and larger group of friends, with many more new and exciting ideas for plays, songs and performances. As the troupe stands today, it has amassed credits of performances at engagements such as, Prince Vorclaf's and Belirendrick's Costume Ball, the Traders' Guild Ball and Dinner/Date Auction, The Memorial Service for Prince Belirendrick, The First Annual Apostle Reunion Party, The Rakash Moot 396, and a multitude of fine weddings and parties.

Through their continued efforts, the Tavern Troupe has become a widely recognized performing organization of the realms, and is known throughout the lands as an order full of talented and fun-loving individuals.

Performance History

Below is a list of some of the Tavern Troupe's greatest accomplishments. Not limited to just performances, the Troupe maintains involvement in a variety of events throughout history. While not a complete list of all the Troupe's activities, the list serves as a means to acknowledge some of the most memorable and notable ones.

Tavern Troupe's Performance History


The purpose of the Tavern Troupe is to provide Elanthia with entertainment that will in turn increase the morale of the citizens of the land. Morale, especially in times of war or times of rebuilding, is very important as it impacts the citizens' effectiveness in fighting, as well as helps to impact the economy - happy people fight better and work harder.

The Tavern Troupe Performing Order allows Elanthians to easily request a fine group of entertainers prepared to accept gigs and perform for patrons and their guests, while charging a modest fee. The Troupe goes to great lengths to welcome new members into the Order and to train them in the ways of the performing bard. We teach skills such as song and play writing, offering these classes to the general public so any that wish to learn them may do so.

Additionally, we often enhance parties and gatherings of Elanthia, even participating at times, as we perform our gigs for various organizations.


The primary goal of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order is to provide entertainment to Elanthia, and thus increase the citizens' morale, by offering the performance of individual members' plays and songs at least once a month.
Secondary goals include:

  • Acting as a support network for those individuals who wish to improve their writing and performing skills by giving general encouragement as well as workshops in songwriting.
  • Offering a creative outlet to those bards who wish to compose songs, tell stories and/or write plays. Creativity is an integral part of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, and therefore the creative outlet is given constantly to all members and in fact to everyone who wishes to perform.
  • Giving performers an opportunity to earn coins, thus supporting themselves financially, while applying their bardic trade. This also relates to morale, but specifically to the morale of bards (not necessarily guilded Bards) in general, many of whom would love to themselves be performing. While hunting is and always will be the primary way that citizens support themselves, it is always good to provide alternatives for those who wish to have choices in how they support themselves.
  • Having a fun time doing all of these. The whole point of performing is to have fun

Charter and By-Laws

As one of the official provincial orders of Elanthia, the Tavern Troupe is required to make their charter and by-laws available for public viewing. These are the same regulations that were put in place upon the founding of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order and have remained through the various leaderships.

Tavern Troupe’s Conducting of the Chorus


Badge: a black tankard-shaped badge etched with the insignia of the Tavern Troupe

A pair of ivory drama masks rest proudly above a golden mandolin. A flowing script, playfully intermixed with musical notes, encircles the image reading "The Tavern Troupe" in bard-blue lettering.

Official Description: Our badge is a black badge cut in the shape of a tankard emblazoned with a pair of ivory drama masks above a golden mandolin. A flowing script intermixed with musical notes encircles the image reading, "The Tavern Troupe" in bard-blue lettering.

Colors: bard-blue, ivory and gold.

  • Blue is the color of emotions, chosen because we evoke strong feelings during our singing and acting. Ivory is the color of ale mixed with pure white, selected because we have pure voices and we sure drink a lot of ale. Gold represents the value of the Order, as each member is worth his or her weight in gold for all the hard work he or she does writing songs, plays and performing.

Blazon: Tierced per pall inverted, azure, sable, and Or, a comedy mask argent, a tragedy mask Or, and a stein sable. Crest: a jester's cap. Supporters: dexter, a maiden playing a double flute; sinister, a maiden playing a lyre.


Related Items

Throughout the Tavern Troupe's extensive history, they've set a standard for amazing gifts and prizes for all of their events. While many of these have been kept by those who have won them, a number have found their way into the Elanthian markets. Attempts have been made to document them here for interested parties.

Tavern Troupe's Gifts and Prizes - UNDER CONSTRUCTION!