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Zoluren Celebration of Peace: Award Ceremony · on 07/16/2017 03:55 AM CDT 2350

Date: Tamsandu, 38 Ka'len 424 (7/15/2017)

NPCs present (8):

  • Mayor Arandus Linlaig of Leth Deriel, a Human Ranger
  • Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig of Zoluren, a Human
  • Ambassador Denli, an Elpalzi Emissary
  • Scribe Dortha Arati-Mukpa, a Gor'Tog
  • Baron Gyfford Theren, a Human Paladin
  • Lady Lilena Turmar of Zoluren, a Human Noble
  • Court Mage Sherella Ellion-Braun of Zoluren, a Human Moon Mage
  • Sage Trethom Hutto, a Human Moon Mage

Players present (36): Aislynn, Aliselyn, Anjinson, Annais, Auradric, Buluc, Cadderrly, Chuman, Duet, Flayra, Galahant, Hanryu, Hollyhock, Isharon, Karthor, Kasto, Kenamer, Kentire, Khaelyn, Kharybell, Kiritan, Miskton, Morlen, Navesi, Perune, Qiyan, Raeyel, Ronicoregest, Saragos, Somniumvisum, Sturm, Ternith, Tirost, Vicktoreon, Whiteburn, and Xixist

Prince Belirendrick formally recognized the following people for their contribution to the war effort:

Zoluren's Shadow (for their role in gathering intelligence): Aislynn, Heartsfyre, Klines, Mordimer, and Perune

friends and allies of Zoluren (for their role in slaying Alret and Geva): Hammerfist, Kaelie, Karthor, Kenamer, Mazrian, Somniumvisum, and Sturm

Zoluren s Emancipation (for rescuing prisoners): Aislynn, Fariden, Heartsfyre, Klines, Perune, and Zeteivek

Zoluren's Determination (for performing the ritual to enter Sorrow's Keep): Allye, Apophys, Bryanny, Cristalyn, Eyuve, Eyvve, Kaelie, Kaeta, Kharybell, Lilustra, Marcul, Miskton, Morlen, Nakori, Ovorion, Phonk, Scyte, Tirost, Trethom, Turuk, Varalia, Vesher, Vieira, Willower, and Zesoma

Zoluren's Counsel (for intelligence work): Aislynn, Aliselyn, Digmo, Fariden, Samsaren, and Saphryna

Zoluren's Blood (for healing): Azante, Cristalyn, and Kaelie

form of recognition TBD: Isharon, Khaelyn, Kiritan, and Qiyan

Zoluren's Herald (for war reporting): Klines, Navesi, and Saragos


[DiSilveron, Library]
Hundreds of books line shelves or rest decoratively upon tables, desks and the floor. This long, narrow, corridor of a room looks more like a private club, with several groups of sofas creating sitting areas for whatever purpose they might serve.
You also see a glowing orb of the constellations, some halmik doors and a gold serving cart with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

[22:27] Lilena says to Belirendrick, "My Prince."

[22:27] Navesi slowly asks Xixist, "What... would you do with them if not read them?"

[22:27] Xixist says, "Sire."

[22:27] Kentire warmly exclaims to Xixist, "Picture books? Well, what are we waiting for!"

[22:27] Raeyel says, "Sir."

[22:28] Navesi says to Belirendrick, "My prince."

[22:29] You hear a female voice yell from the east, "I found it!"

[22:29] Gyfford says to Belirendrick, "Prince."

[22:29] Belirendrick says to Gyfford, "Baron, how nice of you to come."

[22:29] Gyfford says to Belirendrick, "It's my honor."

[22:29] Khaelyn says, "I."

[22:29] Gyfford says to Belirendrick, "And good to see you."

[22:30] Khaelyn says, "It is an honor."

[22:30] Belirendrick says, "And Denli, thank you for coming as well. I know you and Revvor had a long trip. Lilena told me of your gifts."

[22:31] Belirendrick says, "Extremely thoughtful."

[22:31] Belirendrick says, "Thank you all for coming. Every one of you."

[22:32] Kasto says to Anjinson, "Leg feeling alright tonight? No chairs in this hallway of a library. Just books."

[22:32] Belirendrick says, "It's been far too long since there was cause for true celebration in this Province."

[22:32] Anjinson says to Kasto, "Its been bothering me of late."

[22:33] Qiyan says to Belirendrick, "Good to see ya again sir, all healthy and noble and whatnot."

[22:33] Kasto says to Anjinson, "Drink more bourbon. It will help."

[22:33] Qiyan exclaims, "I so practiced that curtsy too!"

[22:33] Belirendrick says, "Most of my life, there has been nothing but war here. For some of it, I was spared the direct sight of it all. My parents sought to protect my sister and I, so that the line would not be endangered."

[22:34] Xixist says, "Your people wont let that happen , your magisty."

[22:35] Belirendrick says, "But, while I do not begrudge any parent that desire, and a ruler must ensure such continuity, I want all of you to know that I am not a man who stands in a castle and lets his people bleed in his place."

[22:35] Kasto says, "The entirety of Elanthina remembers what your family gave to stop Lyras, Prince. We do not forget."

[22:36] Qiyan says, "So true."

[22:36] Belirendrick says, "That is why we returned when we did. That is why myself and members of the noble familes worked not only behind our walls for this peace, but also on the battlefront."

[22:36] Belirendrick says, "I know it was not always something we could allow to be public."

[22:37] Belirendrick says, "But we did what had to be done, as did all of you."

[22:38] Belirendrick says, "The many who were lost are not forgotten, the suffering of not only our people, but of the bulk of the Elpalzi will never leave our memories."

[22:39] Belirendrick says, "But, as Denli's gifts represent, now is the time for us to hold our hearts and minds to the future."

[22:41] Belirendrick says, "Every future is built upon recognition of that which has allowed it to be even a hope. And to that end, I want to recognize those amongst you who put themselves in danger, who reached out, who gave true representation of all the best qualities of this Province."

[22:42] Gyfford says, "And others."

[22:43] Belirendrick says, "Klines, Heartsfyre, Mordimer, Perune, Aislynn. All of you worked with Lady Turmar in ensuring that our allies remained safe, and that critical intelligence was not only obtained, but secured."

[22:43] Belirendrick says, "Step forward if you are in attendance, please."

[22:44] Qiyan exclaims, "A fine job they did too!"

[22:45] Belirendrick says, "You shall all be known as Zoluren's Shadow."

[22:46] Khaelyn says, "Well done."

[22:47] Belirendrick says, "Mazrian, Hammerfist, Somniumvisum, Karthor, Kenamer, Sturm, Kaelie. Step forward if you are present."

[22:48] Belirendrick says, "All of you personally had a hand in the deaths of Alret and Geva, both initial and final."

[22:49] Belirendrick says, "Though none of you present are citizens of Zoluren, you still are our great friends and allies."

[22:50] Belirendrick says, "And you shall be known forward as such."

[22:50] Sturm says, "Thank you Sir."

[22:50] Sherella says, "It takes all kinds."

[22:50] Kenamer says to Belirendrick, "Thank you kind Prince."

[22:51] Belirendrick says, "Aislynn, Zeteivek, Klines, Perune, Heartsfyre, Fariden. Step forward if you are in attendance."

[22:52] Belirendrick says, "All of you helped rescue those who many had thought long lost."

[22:52] Belirendrick says, "You returned to them their freedom."

[22:52] Belirendrick says, "And to us, our sense of self."

[22:53] Belirendrick says, "Iazen would thank you personally, but he required rest once more."

[22:53] Belirendrick says, "You shall have to resign yourself to my thanks for now."

[22:53] Aislynn quietly says, "It was an honor and a privilege to bring them home, my Prince."

[22:53] Perune says, "Thank you, sire. I hope he recovers."

[22:54] Belirendrick says, "You shall all be known as Zoluren s Emancipation, for that is what you brought in many ways."

[22:54] Belirendrick says, "Ovorion, Scyte, Cristalyn, Kaelie, Vieira, Lilustra, Tirost, Allye, Turuk, Willower, Vesher, Eyuve, Morlen, Apophys, Marcul, Kaeta, Nakori, Bryanny, Phonk, Kharybell, Zesoma, Varalia, Eyvve, Miskton."

[22:54] Belirendrick says, "And Trethom."

[22:55] Belirendrick says, "Please, step forward should you be here."

[22:55] Belirendrick says, "Without all of you, we could not have entered Sorrow's Keep."

[22:56] Belirendrick says, "You gave of yourselves so that the key could be reattuned at precisely the right time to ensure the attack forces were successful."

[22:57] Belirendrick says, "You shall be known as Zoluren's Determination, as your collective will brought down what nothing else could."

[22:57] Sturm says, "Well done folks."

[22:58] Khaelyn says, "Truly, well done all."

[22:58] Belirendrick says, "Digmo, Fariden, Samsaren, Saphryna, Aislynn, Aliselyn. Please step forward if you are present."

[22:59] Belirendrick says, "You are Zoluren's Counsel, for your actions ensured critical information was gathered, translated, and relayed."

[23:00] Ternith says, "Well done."

[23:00] Ternith says to Aislynn, "You will need a very large calling card to put all of your titles on it."

[23:01] Belirendrick says, "Cristalyn, Kaelie, Azante. Please step forward if you are present."

[23:02] Belirendrick says, "These three provided critical healing during the final battle at the Keep."

[23:02] Belirendrick says, "They are Zoluren's Blood."

[23:04] Belirendrick says, "All of you, those present and not, you represent all that we here in Zoluren treasure."

[23:04] Qiyan says to Annais, "You will have to teach me that move."

[23:04] Belirendrick says, "Be you from far, or from here at home, know that your undeniable worth is noted here."

[23:05] Kasto asks Anjinson, "Heckuva time for me to move back to 'Riss, ey?"

[23:06] Belirendrick exclaims, "Now please, enough listening to me. Go, enjoy yourselves!"

[23:06] Dortha says, "I think I remember where the food and drinks are."

[23:06] Khaelyn says, "Congratulations again, to all of you."

[23:06] Kenamer says to Sturm, "Congradulations brother."

[23:06] Kentire warmly says, "I believe there are some outside the gate, as well."

[23:07] Sturm says to Kenamer, "Thanks and you as well brother."

[23:07] Kentire warmly says, "Unable to attend."

[23:07] Sherella exclaims to Belirendrick, "What a wonderful ceremony!"

[23:07] Ternith says, "A truly amazing group of folks for sure."

[23:07] Sturm says, "Congradulations to all."

[23:07] Dortha says, "Agreed."

[23:07] Qiyan asks Kiritan, "I had mentioned before, I failed miserably?"

[23:07] Kasto says to Belirendrick, "Your Highness, I do want to introduce myself and my companion if you would have a moment."

[23:07] Dortha says, "I hope I took adequate notes."

[23:08] Kasto says to Belirendrick, "I'm Kasto, the former Speaker of the Tavern Troupe, you've probably heard of me. This is Anjinson Shilanthor, the current Speaker."

[23:08] Belirendrick says, "Qiyan, Kiritan, Isharon, please, join me."

[23:08] Kasto says to Belirendrick, "We want to thank you for having us. That was all."

[23:09] Belirendrick says to Kasto, "Thank you for coming."

[23:09] Belirendrick says to Xixist, "That is coming."

[23:09] Kasto asks Anjinson, "So where did you find that bourbon again?"

[23:09] Belirendrick says, "And Khaelyn, please."

[23:10] Perune exclaims to Khaelyn, "To the dungeons with you!"

[23:10] Qiyan says to Belirendrick, "Last time I joined ya I ended up on my back being dragged."

[23:10] Belirendrick says, "Thank you."

[23:10] Belirendrick says to Qiyan, "Not as likely to occur this time."

[23:10] Xixist says, "My humble pleasure."

Prince Belirendrick speaks privately with Isharon, Khaelyn, and Qiyan before returning to the library.

[23:34] Khaelyn asks, "Did everyone clear out?"

[23:34] Xixist says, "Thats all good."

[23:34] Belirendrick says, "So it seems."

[23:34] Qiyan asks, "We missed the champagne?"

[23:34] Xixist says, "Im always the last to leave a party."

[23:34] Khaelyn says, "I do like champagne."

[23:34] Aliselyn says to Xixist, "Likely because you fall asleep."

[23:35] Xixist says, "TYrue."

[23:35] Belirendrick asks Aislynn, "I don't suppose you can contact Navesi, Saragos, and Klines?"

[23:35] Aislynn quietly says to Belirendrick, "Absolutely."

[23:35] Belirendrick says, "I'd hoped to speak to them before they'd left."

[23:35] Belirendrick says, "Thank you."

[23:36] Morlen says to Belirendrick, "My Prince, I know of Marcul, if I find him, I will let him know what transpired tonight."

[23:36] Khaelyn says to Xixist, "You're squeaking there."

[23:36] Aislynn quietly says, "Klines... I believe sleeps a bit too deeply. But I'll try to get him to wake up."

[23:36] Belirendrick says to Morlen, "Thank you."

[23:37] Belirendrick exclaims, "Ah!"

[23:37] Navesi says, "My prince."

[23:37] Aislynn quietly exclaims, "Two of three!"

[23:37] Isharon jokingly says to Navesi, "The bar is not yet closed, Herald."

[23:38] Belirendrick says, "I was worried you'd gone."

[23:38] Khaelyn says, "I kind of want to run down to Shard now."

[23:38] Belirendrick says to Khaelyn, "You can if you'd like."

[23:38] Qiyan exclaims to Khaelyn, "Lickity split!"

[23:38] Khaelyn says, "I will be back as soon as I can."

[23:39] Belirendrick says to Xixist, "That is something to discuss for the future."

[23:39] Khaelyn says, "Hopefully in time to get word to Lady Turmar."

[23:39] Xixist says, "Then I look forward to such."

[23:39] Belirendrick says, "Navesi, Saragos."

[23:39] Xixist says, "Thank you sire."

[23:39] Belirendrick says, "I wanted to thank you for then work of the Herald."

[23:40] Navesi says, "You're welcome, of course, my prince."

[23:40] Saragos says, "It is truly our pleasure."

[23:40] Khaelyn says, "Take care all, and good night... or morning as the case may be."

[23:40] Belirendrick says, "I'd a question for you, and for Klines of course."

[23:41] Navesi says, "Anything, of course."

[23:41] Belirendrick asks, "How do you feel about the Herald having an office in the new castle once it is completed?"

[23:41] Aislynn quietly says, "Oooo..."

[23:41] Qiyan exclaims to Navesi, "Ask for a window!"

[23:42] Saragos exclaims, "That is... surprising!"

[23:42] Navesi says, "I... of course. We would be honored, Your Majesty."

[23:42] Belirendrick asks, "Hopefully not disturbingly so?"

[23:42] Aislynn quietly says, "I think she was actually momentarily speechless."

[23:42] Isharon says to Aislynn, "A first."

[23:42] Navesi slowly says, "The offer was unexpected."

[23:42] Isharon says to Navesi, "Yet not undeserved."

[23:42] Belirendrick says, "I am extremely honored for you to accept."

[23:43] Saragos says, "I'll be honest, I'm not used to having roots like that. But it would be an honor."

[23:43] Navesi says, "No, the honor is all ours."

[23:43] Xixist says, "Such good writing too."

[23:43] Isharon says to Navesi, "I cannot commend your services enough. Without the Herald, I would have been out of much of the loop."

[23:43] Navesi says to you, "Thank you for saying so."

[23:44] Qiyan asks, "Will the Herald still be allowed to share all that it knows... without any oversight though?"

[23:44] Navesi says, "It has been a monumental effort, and one we could always use more help with. Perhaps such an office would attract the right attention."

[23:44] Belirendrick says, "There will be oversight. It will their oversight."

[23:44] Belirendrick says, "Otherwise I'd not have asked them."

[23:44] Xixist asks, "Will it still have a 'dear Navesi' column?"

[23:45] Navesi says, "My oversight, if we're being technical."

[23:45] Belirendrick says, "Forgive me. It's been a long day."

[23:45] Navesi says to Xixist, "We've never had one, though we could consider it."

[23:45] Isharon says to Qiyan, "The Herald's editors seem to know when discretion is required."

[23:45] Saragos says to Qiyan, "We're on the side of civilization. There's many of the adventuring set that would help with all sorts of things, if they only are aware. I don't imagine there'll be much cause for conflict."

[23:45] Saragos says, "Navesi doesn't print rumor or gossip."

[23:46] Qiyan says, "Oh I wasn't pickin on the Herald, as I agree much with what ya just said."

[23:46] Navesi says, "Lady Maghana was quite clear that she was not interested in such."

[23:46] Qiyan says, "Its just... when someone else is housing ya..."

[23:46] Belirendrick says, "The Herlad's work is beyond reproach, and I'd not want anything changed about it at all."

[23:46] Qiyan exclaims, "See!"

[23:47] Qiyan says, "Nothin wrong with a lil assurance of such."

[23:47] Navesi says to Belirendrick, "Thank you again, my prince. I don't know how to express myself at the moment, but my happiness at having served well is profound."

[23:47] Belirendrick says, "As it should be, Zoluren's Herald."

[23:48] Belirendrick says, "You and your staff have worked hard for it --."

[23:48] Belirendrick says, "I should go. Please pardon my rudeness."

[23:48] Qiyan says to Belirendrick, "Thank ya again sir."

[23:48] Navesi says, "You must be tired, of course."

[23:48] Saragos says, "Thank you again."

[23:48] Xixist says, "Thank you Your Magisty."

[23:48] Isharon says to Belirendrick, "I will send word to Lady Turmar as soon as it is done."

[23:49] Belirendrick says, "Tired matters little. It's the horns that need my attention."

[23:49] Xixist says, "I look forward to the future... and that talk."

[23:49] Belirendrick says to Xixist, "As do I."

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