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Trethom Hutto
Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Zoluren

You see Sage Trethom Hutto, a Human Moon Mage.
Trethom has an oval face, gold-flecked topaz eyes and a beak-like nose. He is bald, with dark skin and a burly build.
He is slightly under average height for a Human.
He appears to be mature.

He is wearing a deep amber velvet robe sashed with a golden silk braid, a crystal amulet carved with gladiolus blossoms surrounded by intricate sigils, a slender bone ring etched with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild, a dirty canvas sack embroidered with a gladiolus blossom and some thin-soled sandals with worn leather straps.