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Vicktoreon Vukisasren
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


Name: Vicktoreon Vukisasren
Location: Therengia


He has an angular face and silver-flecked sapphire eyes. Your black hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. You have pale skin and an athletic build. He is a bit over average height for a Rakash. He is a pack hunter.

He has a tattoo of a massive sapphire-scaled dragon climbing up his back. Silver-tipped claws appear to pierce into the flesh of his shoulders and thighs as the monstrous creature grips his skin. Several long spines cover the ridge of the dragon's back, rising up from the pointed tail and past the leathery wings which are tucked against the body. The spikes end in a crown along the beast's head which is positioned on your neck.

He is wearing a hooded black robe clasped at the throat by a black katambite stained with gold, a fine barghest-hide scabbard, a dark leather traveler's pack branded with a stylized dragon, a worn grey hitman's backpack with fraying straps, a tribal leather armband branded with Rakash images, a azure-scaled buckler, a tribal darkstone bracer shaped like dragon talons, an albredine crystal ring, a purple satin mourning band adorned with a steel heart charm, a dark spidersilk sack, an ebony leather gem pouch clasped with a carved ivory dragon, a pair of black vikses embroidered with hunting scenes on the seams, and some pitch-black steel toed boots.

The Basics Of

   Vicktoreon lost his parents at a early age, spending most of his younger years wandering about unknown forests fending for himself.  After stumbling upon Crossing, he learned that there was much more in the world to learn. Hearing word of various paths in life to choose from, picking one was an easy task. 
  For a few years he trained hunting the various monsters and local wildlife around Crossing before stumbling his way into the service of a Zoluren malitia, the Vorclaf Scythes. Far from capable of being able to handle many of the invading forces, he was still full throttle to do everything he could to help.  The first few months we daunting, but time always paid his endeavors fruitfully.  His last status in this group was that of Sergeant.
  After his stint around Crossing he moved north into Langenfirth and Therenborough.  His first notions were simply to live the life of a citizen and train hard.  Fate had its own devices.  After running into his former Commander, Gallanthur, he enlisted into the Theren Cavalry.  Many years passed and many people lost to various reasons, his career in the Cavarly ended, last serving as Leiutenant of Dragoons, front line unit.
   Not wanting to leave the province of Therengia, he fought his way through the various ladders of local creatures thirstily.  Though he trained as much as he could there was a missing void he could not fill.  Service has been his life and a satisfying adventure.  He enlisted with the Theren Guard knowing this would make an exciting new chapter to write in his life. Currently he serves as Keeper of the Keep, Keep Leiutenant.