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A category for Necromancer spells.

Necromancy, also known as Ontologic Sorcery, is a sub-discipline of Sorcery, which is centered around corrupting Life mana with Lunar or Elemental admixtures. It is characterized by the creation of "false life" (or, rather, forcing life energy to exist in physical shells that do not naturally conduct it) and the violations of living flesh.

Spell Tree

Quicken the Earth (Utility)Heighten Pain (Debilitation)Acid Splash (Targeted Magic)Obfuscation (Augmentation)Necrotic Reconstruction (Utility)Call from Beyond (Utility)Ivory Mask (Augmentation)Siphon Vitality (Targeted Magic)Researcher's Insight (Augmentation)Viscous Solution (Debilitation)Vivisection (Targeted Magic)Visions of Darkness (Debilitation)Petrifying Visions (Debilitation)Reverse Putrefaction (Augmentation)Kura-Silma (Augmentation)Butcher's Eye (Augmentation)Blood Burst (Targeted Magic)Consume Flesh (Utility)Universal Solvent (Targeted Magic)Alkahest Edge (Targeted Magic)Eyes of the Blind (Utility)Calcified Hide (Warding)Worm's Mist (Warding)Philosopher's Preservation (Augmentation)Chiurgia (Augmentation)Devour (Utility)Rite of Grace (Utility)Rite of Contrition (Utility)Spiteful Rebirth (Utility)Covetous Rebirth (Utility)Liturgy (Utility)Necromancer Spells.png
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Spellbook Overview

Magical theorists recognize two forms of necromancy: Perversion Necromancy and Corruption Necromancy. In a mechanistic approach to the discipline, this works well. Necromancy is the result of two distinct mixtures of mana, Life plus either Elemental or Lunar, which this separation embodies.

Necromancers are not mechanistic and they usually are not magical theorists either.

The tri-spellbook separation -- the ABCs of Necromancy -- was the standard among most cults, though variations existed. The Dragon Priests are notoriously bookish, classifying no less than thirty different Necromancy spellbooks across obscure cultural and magical lines. In sharp contrast, the doctrine of the Bone Elves states that any sort of classification system is the product of childish (non-Elven) minds attempting to comprehend the one, true path of power that encompasses mastery over all facets of death sculpting.

In recent years, the rogue Necromancers known as the Philosophers of the Knife codified the fourth spellbook, Transcendental Necromancy. This was not the discovery of some new source of power, but simply an organizational change reflecting their own priorities and values.

The uninitiated have always tried to understand the deep secrets of the Necromancers, but have rarely ever brushed past the surface. Even the nature of the spellbooks the Necromancers use have been shrouded in mystery, with information frequently found lacking or entirely wrong. However, some facts have breached the veils of secrecy, and a general knowledge of each book has been acquired.

NOTE: Arcane spells will out you as a Necromancer. As indicated, spells with either appear to the room, or if a 3rd party LOOKs at the Necromancer. Obfuscation, Rite of Contrition, and Eyes of the Blind are the only spells that can be cast in justice zones, and do not indicate to the room what has been CAST. Be aware however, that other mages may still recognize the spell when it is prepared.

CH and WORM will appear on the caster in a room look, BUE, IVM, KS and PHP will appear on the caster if a 3rd party LOOK AT <necromancer>.

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Summary of Spell Information

Bolded spells are signature spells.

Name Effect Type Skill Contest Prep
Duration Slots Mana
Acid Splash (ACS) Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Random pair of damage types. Single-target. battle targeted 1-50 0-400 Instant 1 Arcane Magic
Alkahest Edge (ALK) Vivisection damage becomes slicing + random element. metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Blood Burst (BLB) Impact damage, Fire damage, Balance reduction battle targeted 10-66 80-800 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Butcher's Eye (BUE) +Skinning skill, +Thanatology skill standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-40 2 Arcane Magic
Calcified Hide (CH) +Stamina (stat), Damage reduction. standard warding 15-100 80-800 10-40 4 Arcane Magic
Call from Beyond (CFB) Makes a zombie! standard utility 15-100 80-800 60-0 3 Arcane magic
Chirurgia (CHIR) +Small Edged skill, Added to Butcher's Eye effect metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Consume Flesh (CF) Wound heal, Destroy body parts of a corpse. standard utility 15-100 80-800 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Covetous Rebirth (CRE) Occasional DEPART GUILD with all the benefits of DEPART ALL. metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Devour Wound heal standard utility 30-100 250-1,000 Instant 3 Arcane Magic
Eyes of the Blind (EOTB) Pulsing self-invisibility. standard utility 5-100 10-600 10-40 2 Arcane Magic
Heighten Pain (HP) Damage amplifier battle debilitation spirit \ fortitude 1-33 0-400 2-10 1 Arcane Magic
Ivory Mask (IVM) +Targeted Magic skill standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-40 1 Arcane Magic
Kura-Silma (KS) +Attunement skill, +Perception skill standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-40 2 Arcane Magic
Liturgy All masking benefits of Rite of Contrition added to Rite of Grace. metamagic 1 Arcane Magic
Necrotic Reconstruction (NR) Wound heal, only heals corpses, zombies, or constructs standard utility 15-100 80-800 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Obfuscation +Stealth skill, Removes third-party messaging for Thanatology rituals. standard augmentation 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Arcane Magic
Petrifying Visions (PV) Causes immobilization. battle debilitation mind \ willpower 1-33 10-600 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Philosopher's Preservation (PHP) +Evasion skill, +Reflex (stat) standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-40 3 Arcane Magic
Quicken the Earth (QE) Creates construct. standard utility 5-100 10-600 10-40 2 Arcane Magic
Researcher's Insight (REI) +Alchemy skill, +Arcana skill, +Intelligence (stat) standard augmentation 15-100 80-800 10-40 3 Arcane Magic
Reverse Putrefaction (RPU) +Defensive Factor, +Offensive Factor, Zombie only. standard augmentation 15-100 80-800 0- 3 Arcane Magic
Rite of Contrition (ROC) Reduces visible Divine Outrage. Removes Transcendental Necromancy spells while in effect. cyclic utility 5-25 80-800 Indefinite 1 Arcane Magic
Rite of Grace (ROG) Hides 1-7 Transcendental Necromancy buffs. cyclic utility 5-25 80-800 Indefinite 1 Arcane Magic
Siphon Vitality (SV) Fire damage, Cold damage, Vitality heal, Single target, restores vitality to caster battle targeted 10-66 80-800 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Spiteful Rebirth (SRE) Self-raise via DEPART DEATH. metamagic 2 Arcane Magic
Universal Solvent (USOL) Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Cyclic AOE. Randomized damage types. cyclic targeted, area of effect 7-37 250-1,000 Indefinite 2 Arcane Magic
Viscous Solution (VS) AOE immobilization. standard debilitation, area of effect magic \ fortitude 10-66 80-800 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Visions of Darkness (VOD) -Perception skill, -Wisdom (stat) battle debilitation mind \ willpower 5-33 80-800 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Vivisection Puncture damage, Slice damage, Single-target TM. Magical snipe attack. battle targeted 20-66 250-1,000 Instant 2 Arcane Magic
Worm's Mist (WORM) Magic barrier. battle warding 30-100 250-1,000 0- 3 Arcane Magic