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Usually shortened to spells of Transcendence by those who are familiar with the Art, Transcendence contains both the goals of the Great Work of the Philosophers of the Knife as well as the lure to power for the Perverse. Spells that fall into this category are those that make the Necromancer something more (or less, depending on who you ask) than human (or Elven, S'Kra, or whatever race the Necromancer happens to be). The spells in this field involve personal mutations that are of aid to the Necromancer and strike terror into those that behold him or her, or preternatural abilities that surpass mere mortality, but also draw forth the potential of the mighty wrath of the Divine.[1]

In short, Transcendental Necromancy deals with spells that make the Necromancer more (or less) than Human.

Transcendental Necromancy is a thematic spellbook, devised in the same way that Animation is. While the tradition of organizing Transcendental Necromancy as its own spellbook is less than a century old, many of the spells that populate the book are as old as necromancy itself.

This spellbook focuses strictly on enhancing the magician who casts the spell: all Transcendental Necromancy spells are self-cast only. The spells are always beneficial, bolstering the Necromancer's own latent abilities or granting him entirely new ones, though sometimes Pyrrhic in nature. These spells are often monstrous to behold, making the Necromancer obviously inhuman under their duration.


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