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The first of the Necromancies to be discovered were Blood Magic, and they are often the simplest. The magic of blood is physical in nature, and beyond dealing with its namesake, it also involves spells that affect the body of the recipient. No known Blood Magic has ever been found to be beneficial in nature, despite efforts by many Philosophers as well as the Redeemed. Blood Magic can only be used to kill or injure, or create things that assist in killing or injuring. Almost all spells from the Blood Magic book have red coloration, and while most believe them to be disgusting or profane, the gods themselves generally do not. Blood magic is flashy or 'loud' in fashion, never using a subtle effect when an obvious one could fit.[1]

In short, Blood Magic deals with the manipulation of blood, acid, and raw "life force" (vitality).

Blood Magic is one of the "pure" spellbooks, analogous to the Perversion Necromancy book. It deals exclusively with the results of mixing Life and Elemental mana, and is an omnibus for such spells that do not otherwise fit in the Animation or Transcendental Necromancy books.

The spellbook gets its name from the tone of its spells and the medium through which it usually works. The Life + Elemental mixture creates spells that are wild, visceral, and brutish. Blood Magic includes most of the Necromancer's arsenal of Targeted Magic spells and direct, lethal combat magic.

Appropriately enough, Blood Magic has a strong relationship to blood. Some of them work better if the Necromancer (or his victim) is bleeding freely, while others may require it to function at all.

Conjured acid falls under the domain of Blood Magic. Some Necromancers consider acid to be a physical manifestation of necromantic magic, in the same way that other disciplines have holy fire or living shadows.


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