Velaka Desert

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Sand Elf

Surrounded by the Gemfire Mountains, the Velaka Desert lies in the northwestern reaches of Therengia. It is split nearly in two by the Hekemhhg River and salty Lake Ratamipak. The desert is a harsh land with shifting sands, and is the home of several hamlets of the Sand Elves, as well as the Outcast Tribes.

The desert itself is so hostile that visitors must travel via the Sand Barges which journeys between Hvaral and Muspar'i. However, with enough skill, the seasoned traveler may choose to cross the desert on foot, provided they carry plenty of water and wear the proper attire for protecting themselves from the heat of the desert sun. Sand spiders, Mottled Westanuryns, Slavers, and Zombie Nomads all pose threats in the region. However, only the sand spiders are known to routinely threaten travelers along the Trade Route.

Within the desert are seven areas known as Rock Circles which tend to be gathering places for the slavers. Within one of the circles can be found the mysterious Walk of Bones where the undead are drawn.

Prominent People

Outcast King Raenilar
Outcast Princess Macja
Desert Warrior Galadhar Ohmbryn of Yuc Cugis


Haizen Cugis
Rul Cugis
Yuc Cugis
Mulgamo Cugis
Outcast Camp


  • At this time there is a low player base in the city and at last count there were only thirteen official citizens of Velaka. (13 Sept 2008)
  • It is advised that anyone going to the Velaka desert to train be prepared to create their own maps each time they go. Once every three hours the desert sands will shift into a new random pattern so relying on someones map that was done before will not always work.
  • The sand spiders and mottled westanuryn are the only two skinnable creatures in the desert.
  • Carry water if you plan on crossing the desert.
  • Navigating the dunes to cross the desert on foot between Muspar'i and Haizen Cugis (Map 48) requires roughly 700+ Athletics skill. Outdoorsmanship and a Ranger's Scouting ranks are also skillchecked and apply. It appears this section of desert randomizes as well.


The entrance to the Velaka Desert is located outside the city of Muspar'i on Map 46 .