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There are two Sand Barges that travel desert from Hvaral to Muspar'i. These barges, also known as flatboats, are pulled across the sands by the Yeehar beast of burden and crewed by Sand Elves. Unlike the barges that cross rivers in other places where you can watch the barges pass each other, you will never see the other sand barge when crossing. However, it is possible to switch barges during travel. Both make a stop at the oasis near Haizen Cugis in the Velaka Desert. If you disembark at the desert oasis, keep in mind that there are two different points for boarding Hvaral bound or Muspar'i bound sand barges. A board and sign detail which embarkation point you're at.

A word of caution on the barges. If there is a sandstorm blowing in the desert, the barges do not offer any protection from the blowing sand and wind. It is extreamly unlikely this will change. Take heart though, sandstorms are a very rare occurance and at the time that this information was originally posted, only one (1) sandstorm occurance is confirmed on record. Being on either sand barge for bonus purposes, you are in a neutral area.

Sand barges dock at Muspar'i, the desert oasis and Hvaral for 2 minutes.

The Hvaral to desert oasis and desert oasis to Muspar'i legs take between 4 and 5 minutes each in ideal weather conditions.

NOTE: You must acquire a passport from Therenborough in order to reach the docks.

The Desert Wind barge is made up of a wooden flatboat mounted atop steel rails. An elevated platform at the front of the craft is used by the team of Sand Elves that sail it through the desert ocean by controlling the team of massive yeehars that pull it. The barge itself is full of coils of rope, wooden crates and barrels, and bulging sackcloth.
Obvious paths: none.

NOTE: Both barges share this room description.

The Desert Wind

The Suncatcher