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The Mentors are an official organization of players who volunteer their time to help new players get started and learn the intricacies of the game. They also frequently run their own roleplaying events.


DIR MENTORS can be used to find either location.

Current Members

Rank Name
GM Ynami
GM Lawlite
member Mazrian
member Pfanston
member Ruea
member Rhadyn

Former Members

The list of former, lost, and retired members for whom the Lorethew Mentor Society are extremely grateful is available at Lorethew Mentor Society/Former members.

Aldamus's vision

In the beginning, the lands were explored by a small group of brave adventurers who forged their way through trial, error and a smattering of luck. Few in number, these adventurers made up for their lack of population by banding together and helping each other to discover what these wild, untamed lands had to offer. Teamwork was the key, and everyone worked toward the common goals of survival and discovery.

As the population of the lands grew, many of the early adventurers began to take on apprentices to pass on their knowledge and insure that the old ways would not die.

But then came a huge population explosion, and hundreds of new adventurers came to make their fortunes in Elanthia. Many of the early adventurers, some referred to as Elders in respect of their experience and knowledge of the lands, despaired at the huge influx of newcomers. The Elders feared that the old ways would be lost forever.

An Elothean Elder named Aldamus Llearyn had a vision. Aldamus began to gather together the Elders and formed a Society of Mentors, who would work together with the newcomers to preserve the old ways and dispense valuable knowledge and assistance. With the political backing of the Lorethew, and the financial backing of the Jadewater family, Aldamus set about making his vision a reality.

Basic requirements

  • At least 15th circle within your guild.
  • A "clean" record, free of violations during the last six months.
  • The availability and willingness to dedicate a minimum of ten hours per month to Mentoring.
  • The desire to help others.
  • A demonstrated history of consistent Role-Playing together with the ability to remain in character even in stressful situations.
  • The ability to work with others, as well as independently, with minimal supervision.
  • The successful completion of a character history for your Mentor character.
  • The successful completion of a test demonstrating your knowledge of the game, the lands, and the history of the lands and its people.
  • The Mentor applicant character must be on an account solely used by the player, no others may have access to this account.

Official site

Official Simutronics Mentor Home Page