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Aldamus Jadewater
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Location: Unknown

Founder of the Mentor Society, which is housed in Jadewater Mansion.

Aldamus Jadewater is the current owner of the Jadewater Mansion and is the descendent of many notable Jadewaters that have inhabited The Crossing for generations.


As Aldamus, Melissa (GameMaster Chandra) founded the DragonRealms Mentor Society. In early 1998, she left DragonRealms with a vision and determination to initiate the Mentor program in other Simutronic games. Today through her direction, the Mentor Society is thriving and has helped hundreds of new players have a smooth and enjoyable start in their chosen game. To this day, Melissa is fondly thought of as the Mentor Grandmother. Melissa can be found these days in Gemstone III where she rules as Online Community Manager.