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Led by Ralel

From Pentaith's Encyclopedia

The L'Karm are a group of supremist Elves of the Mountain Clan and Forest Clan. There are some non-Elven members, but the majority of the L'Karm are Elves. The alliance of the Forest and Mountain Elves dates back to the time of the Elven-Human War. The goal of the L'Karm is vengeance against the Dwarves and Humans, and reclaiming the lands that they once ruled.

It is known that many nobles support the L'Karm. Possibilities are Queen Morganae and the enigmatic Catrayth. The L'Karm support the party of Shard that encourages the Elven Clans to unite. It is also known that the L'Karm are smuggling weapons into Leth Deriel, the ancient Forest Elf city.

It was the L'Karm that twisted Gwindahl into his present insane state, and he then created and spread the ichor plague through several cities.

The group plots in secret, and anyone of the Seven Races could be a L'Karm. Their insignia is a tree and mountain.