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Wands are a catch-all term for self-activating magical items that, similar to runestone, carry a spell which, with the wand's help, can be used by any guild. Wands generally have a fixed number of charges, and each charge is good for casting the wand's stored spell one time. In addition to the fixed number of charges, a variable flow of energy exists within the wand, defined by the "lines of power" seen when the wand is focused upon.

Though broadly defined as wands, this category can actually include rods, wands, rattles, scepters, and other assorted items which are more powerful than runestone, but less powerful than staves. They also hold the distinction of casting the spell automatically, rather than simply causing you to prepare them.

The wand should not be confused with the quarterstaff, and furthermore, not all such items are magical.


By typing FOCUS WAND, a magic-using character may determine the charges, power flow, and spell held by a given wand. Charges are finite, but power flow is mutable, given enough skill.

Power Lines

Power lines are the stored form of the spell lurking within the item. The intensity with which they glow defines the amount of mana the spell is "prepared" at.

To modify the power lines, type FOCUS WAND followed by any number from 1-100. For example, FOCUS WAND 100 will cause your character to attempt to turn the flow of the power lines to their maximum level, and FOCUS WAND 50% will attempt to set them to half power. The power lines fluctuate as the charges are used, and must be carefully readjusted after each cast. Generally, more powerful spells need a higher percentage of the flow intact. Adjusting the power lines in smaller increments is less likely to fail, and success in any case is based off of the magical devices skill.


Most wands work by waving or shaking them at the target, though other activation methods may exist. If the power flow is high enough, and the magical devices skill of the user is sufficient for the item, the spell is automatically resolved and cast upon the target without any further effort from the user.


Once a wand is drained of its charges, it is rendered useless, though it does not crumble.

Spells Commonly Held by Wands

Wands see little use outside of three fairly popular devices. The ilmenite-tipped wand contains the Lightning Bolt spell and is devastatingly powerful. The narrow scheelite rod holds the Fire Ball spell.

A common tactic is to strike with the ilmenite-tipped wand, then switch to the rod and follow up with a fireball. The usefulness of this tactic comes from the fact that one could easily confuse a pair of ilmenite-tipped wands, and Fire Ball's main failing is its low accuracy--generally not a problem if the lightning bolt has incapacitated the target.

The third wand is a S'Kra indakar rattle. This wand holds the Protection from Evil spell and is required to enter a certain hunting ground.

All three of these wands may be purchased in Shard, and are occasionally found as treasure carried by monsters.


Item:Narrow scheelite rodfalse
Item:S'kra indakar rattlefalse
Item:Gnarled ash staff topped with a weathered copper owlfalse
Gnarled ash staff topped with a weathered copper owltrue
Item:Ebonwood rattle with a string of feathers dangling from the handletrue
Bone elf shaman's rattle decorated with colorful beaded feathers on leather thongstruetrue
S'kra indakar rattletrue
Ebonwood rattle with a string of feathers dangling from the handletrue

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Unlimited Use Wands

These wands were introduced by the Microtrans system. Buff wands have a duration equal to half the cooldown, and cast the buff at 55% power. Battle spell wands vary in cooldown, but are tuned similarly to buff wands in power.

Buff Wands
Item Spell
Blue glass bottle with a crackled interior Wisdom of the Pack
curving bloodwood branch Mental Focus
slender glass phial fitted with a blood ruby stopper Blood Staunching
small bog oak statuette of a man Ignite
Engraved bracer set with a row of faceted sand golem eyes Machinist's Touch
nightsilk assassin's slippers Shadows
gnarled bogbirch branch Mental Focus
black leather wraparound goggles with button-sized malachite lenses Tenebrous Sense
wand of eventide moonstone etched with a kaleidoscope of butterflies Shear
icy blue crystal Will of Winter
regal diamondwood scepter capped with a trilliant-cut sunderstone Righteous Wrath
half-eaten crystalline apple Turmar Illumination
stylized eighth note sculpted from gleaming uthamar Resonance
polished muracite eyelash viper twined around a bricklebranch stick Drums of the Snake
small platinum statue of Kertigen dressed in flamboyant colors Platinum Hands of Kertigen
pure white spiritwood wand inlaid with glowing moonsilver sigils Protection from Evil
silversteel scepter engraved with a knotwork motif of mongooses Rutilor's Edge
indurium phoenix with eyes of canary diamond Rage of the Clans
Battle Spell Wands
Item Spell
silver-caged verdant heart strung upon a simple chain Sleep
spiraling wand of blackened silver Harm Evil
tightly rolled scroll of blackened paper Soul Sickness
baroque ivory wand inlaid with vengeance rubies Blood Burst
frigid icesteel wand with a miniature scythe-shaped tip Frost Scythe
lifesculpted Ilithian cedar wand twisted around an Elamiri sapphire Ice Patch
massive hiro bear paw with gold-tipped claws Curse of the Wilds
tiny platinum crown studded with molten-core diamonds Compel