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Les Glowroak
Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
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(Ranik Map 30)
Type: guild leader
Relatives: Mo (elder brother)


Les towers over you, his beady eyes the only recognizable feature of his disfigured face. His malformed mouth is perpetually scowling, a short chain of saliva hanging from the corner of his lips. Hundreds of scars cut across the dusky green skin of his enormous frame. The four mangled fingers of his right hand clutch a crude iron-banded club, which he occassionally slaps against his other hand. Clad in only a tattered pair of brocade trousers, the raised brand of an "7" can be clearly seen on his chest. Dispite all of his deformities, Les seems fit and on edge, ready for battle.

Circle Message

Les says, "<Person>! You not all bad. Ready to be promoted!"

"Maybe some day, you be a good Barbarian. Won't get hope up."

Les laughs and says, "Now go! Kill!"

Les adds, "I can teach you more roars now. You earned it."