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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Entry ritual
Requirements: 1st Circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: ritual / thanatology
Use Cost: -
Description: When performed, the Entry ritual will automatically move you into the nearest guildhall using backroads, special mundane rites, and hidden signs or symbols, provided you are close enough to one.
Effect: Gain entry into a Necromancer guildhall.
Messaging: [Redacted]


  • This ritual does not generate Divine Outrage.
  • There is a long Roundtime for using ENTRY, but no cooldown.
  • You must be relatively close to the target guildhall in order for this ritual to work.
  • Safe for Redeemed necromancers.


Each guildhall is associated with certain ideologies. Necromancers of a rejected ideology will not be allowed entry.[1]

Guildhall Ideologies Allowed
P1 Zoluren Philosophers of the Knife
P2 Therengia Philosophers of the Knife + Redeemed
P3 Ilithi Philosophers of the Knife + Perverse
P4 Qi'Reshalia Perverse
P5 Forfedhdar all ideologies


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