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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Marraluna, Marcul


You see Cirie Mak'iyiru, Shadow Mage of the Progeny, an Elf.
Cirie has an oval face, a pair of tiny smoky diamond fox blossom studs piercing both pointed ears, a dramatic pair of tortoiseshell glasses with wide cat-eye frames enhancing her almond-shaped starry silver eyes and a freckled nose. Her raven hair is hip length and glossy, and is worn tied back in an elegant chignon held in place by a slim glitvire hairstick carved to resemble a branch of flowering belladonna.
She has smooth skin and a slender figure.
She is petite for an Elf.
She appears to be young.
Her left eyebrow is pierced by an icesteel spike topped with a delicate cluster of frost opal baby's breath. The transparent frost-blue metal complements the lustrous glacial white gems that shimmer with tiny bursts of icy blue and green.

She is wearing a Xibar-hued choker made from finely embroidered silk, a midnight blue velvet gown with an underskirt of silvery lace, a mirrored ring inset with a ruby and onyx symbol of Tezirah, a verdigris copper ring shaped like a pair of clasped hands holding a heart, some shimmering blue violet gossamer stockings overlaid with black tulle, a black silk garter with a delicate lace fringe and a pair of midnight blue traveler's sandals clasped with a crystal snowflake.


Orphaned at age 13 by the upheaval surrounding Lyras War, Cirie was taken in by the Moon Mage guild when it was discovered she posessed a natural talent with shadow magic. For several years she performed menial tasks around the Observatory, till she was deemed ready to begin formal studies. With a hunger for magical knowledge, she rose quickly through the ranks, gaining the title of Expert Moon Mage in the year 411. That same year, she met Marcul Mak'iyiru whom she looks up to as a mentor. In the Spring of 429, Cirie was formally adopted by her long-time mentor Marcul. The following Summer, she attained the rank of Master Moon Mage.

Additional Information

Sect Affiliation: Progeny of Tezirah