Vela'tohr Militia

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Province: Zoluren
Active Membership: Over 50
Co-Commander: Xixist
Co-Commander: Linett
Executive Officer: Kaelie
Lieutenant, Scouting: Rantjur
Company Scribe: Dreamheart


For Zoluren, there is NO sacrifice too small, NO price too high! As Zoluren's premier civilian Militia, the Vela'tohr's singular mission and reason for its' existance is the defense of the Crossings and surrounding provincial lands. The Vela'tohr maintain an active presence throughout the Province, its scouts patrol the local and wilderness roads, and its triage forms the core of Zoluren's triage team when under attack.

The Vela'tohr draw people from all avenues of life. Soldiers, artists, healers, mages, business people. It doesn't matter to the Vela'tohr. Only a commitment to protect the First Land and the ability to follow orders is required to join its ranks.


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