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Lupdels Del'Albaum
Status Active
Race Rakash
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


You see Lupdels Del'Albaum, a Rakash.
He has crystal green eyes, a tri-color coat and a slender tail.
He appears to be a forerunner.

He is wearing a regally high-collared black robe trimmed with complex copper piping, some silver wire-framed spectacles with streaky ocean-blue lenses, a deeply hooded cloak of charcoal grey silk lined in inky black, and a cambrinth pick.


Lupdels was born in 356 AV, shortly before the Rakash arrived in the Five Realms as refugees from the Necromancer Lyras. His father became a merchant in the new world and would continue to move the family around without settling down permanently. While Lupdels was still very young, his father died due to old age, as Lupdels was the product of a second marriage for his father, who was already advanced in age when he married Lupdels’ mother.

His mother would settle down in the Crossings, finding work where she could, and learning the ways of the other tenants in the apartment where they lived. Eventually she would marry again, once more to an older merchant; a Human in the Trader’s Guild. He was willing to help find work for young Lupdels with other merchants and craftsmen as a young errand boy delivering news and updates on the market.

In this way, Lupdels has been exposed to many of the races of the realms, but he was restless with his rootless existence. While it was expected that he would become a Trader, Lupdels turned to the Bard Guild for a sense of history, heritage, and tradition. As a curious young Rakash, he was captivated by the stories of Aaron Albaum, author of Journey to the Forbidden West, published while he was a young teenager. While these tales did not include stories of the Rakash homeland in the west of Kermoria, Lupdels was drawn to join the Guild of this brave and charismatic adventurer.

Over the last fifty years, Lupdels has distinguished himself as a dedicated member of the Bard Guild, while still being a cosmopolitan explorer of the Realms. From Langenfirth to Shard, Ratha to Forfedhdar, he has continued to travel. While currently a citizen of M’Riss in the eyes of existing legal authorities, he has often been known to disappear for years on end, with no more explanation than "I have been following in Aaron Albaum's footsteps."

Life Events

435. First place winner in the Magic Symposium hosted by the Lorethew Mentor Society. His contribution linking the relationship of dragons to their domain to the World Dragon to Elanthia, noting the analogy of the corrupting influences from sorcery to Necromancy to Summoning, raised concerns and brought about a first place prize.
434. Participated in a bold, experimental attempt to open a portal to the Plane of Electricity. Concerned by the successful result, would go on to further develop theories regarding the threat of extraplanar corruption on Elanthia.