Journey to the Forbidden West

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Aaron Albuam's "Journey to the Forbidden West" tells the story of the author's supposed travel to the western shores of Kermoria and back again, with a significant layover in "the land of the dragons."

By far, most people regard Journey to the Forbidden West to be a work of fiction. It lacks much in the way of verifiable facts and is written with a bombastic, dramatic style. If Albuam is to be believed, during his journey he met incredible monsters, seduced a harem of women, and saved the world single-handedly on no less than two occasions.

In Albuam's journey to "the land of the dragons," he describes a supposed tell-all conversation that he had with an ancient dragon after he killed a few goats for it. It remains the most easily accessible and comprehension description of dragons available. Granted, through the lens of Aaron Albuam.

This book was published 30 years ago (circa 371), 10 years before the author's death.

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