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The Trickling Sun are ecologists seeking to live in harmony with the ocean’s flora and fauna, tending to massive gardens of kelp and coral, fostering schools of fish and other creatures. While they do tend to these creatures, it should be emphasized that Merelew are largely not vegetarians. Many of their practices would be considered shamanistic, and they enjoy a respected standing in Merelew society, being cultural leaders and advisors. This group primarily uses Life magic and has members that would be most akin to Empaths and Rangers. They are still reeling from the damage the Spider caused, and while skeptical of outsiders, they remain open minded to opening their borders and learning about other cultures and ecologies. This group is particularly aghast at rumors of Necromancy, and vehemently oppose such a defilement of the balance.

Kixfa licks her lips and draws a breath. "Ocean is not safe place, never safe, but in knowing ocean, can survive, be part of, and most important, protect. Great knowledge and great wisdom in the sea -- tiniest shrimp cleaning the gills of the shark, the whale that dives into the abyss, the kelp creeping along the shallows. If know how to use the sea, to live within, much can be learned. We are the Trickling Sun, tenders of the seas who see that they in turn may protect and tend to Merelew. All is cycle as intended, the tide and the migrations and the secrets of creatures that never see the light of the sun or moons, and we listen. Mainlander ecologies strange to us, similar. The mountain, the forest, is balance of its own. Our hope to learn more of your balances, that we best care for ours."

Faction Movement

Earned by raising your ecosphere at the Seat of Unification once you reach a certain level of standing and defeat a Drogor avatar.

First Person You (move type) (direction), trailing a wake of quickly evaporating sea spray alight with ghostly blue-green mareel.
Third Person Leaving Player (move type)s (direction), trailing a wake of quickly evaporating sea spray alight with ghostly blue-green mareel.
Third Person Entering Player just arrived, alight with ghostly blue-green wisps.

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