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The single House of Zoluren nobility that is found south of the Segoltha River.

They produce a large number of scouts and hunters, and, though Human, draw heavily upon their neighboring Elven communities for inspiration.

Located just outside the eastern gates of Leth Deriel, their sprawling estate is nestled in a heavily wooded area, away from prying eyes. The other members of their House are heavily involved in various business ventures including mining, textiles, and the House currently holds the rights for the breeding of rare horses as well.

Crest: a leaping pink nomlas against a great spreading banyan tree.
Leader: Lakaenan Linlaig, following the death of Yallance Linlaig in the destruction of Ulf'Hara Keep.

Members of the House:

Lakaenan Linlaig
Arandus Linlaig - Mayor of Leth Deriel
Valdais Linlaig
Tariyana Linlaig
Gadiriel Vauldier

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