Origami Boutique

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Origami Boutique
Province Zoluren
Town Leth Deriel
Map Ranik's Map 61
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Origami shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

[Origami Boutique]
A tasteful, pale blue carpet and matching silk walls give this tent an open, airy feel. Lighting is provided by a set of silver filigree lamps set most securely on the tent poles. Fire is, understandably, a serious concern here. You also see some glass shelves with some stuff on it, some wooden bins, a wooden rack, a wooden table with some stuff on it, a glass-sided bookcase, a finely lettered sign on a carved oak stand, a large placard, a low counter with some stuff on it, and a bucket of viscous gloop.

On the glass shelves
Item Price Done
Polished oak origami case 1,250   
Varnished elm origami case 1,750   
Red enameled origami case 6,250   !!
Leather origami case 1,000   !!
Cloisonne origami case 31,250   !!
Fine china origami case 8,125   
Slim maple origami case 1,437   
In the wooden bins
Item Price Done
Plain origami paper 375   No
Scarlet origami paper 375   No
Blue origami paper 375   
Green origami paper 375   No
Marbled origami paper 375   No
White origami paper 125   No
Silver origami paper 375   No
Gold origami paper 375   No
In the wooden rack
Item Price Done
Cat instructions 1,250   
Crown instructions 1,250   
Crow instructions 1,250   
Mouse instructions 1,250   !!
Ship instructions 1,250   
Bird instructions 1,250   
Phoenix instructions 1,250   
Yak instructions 1,250   
Dragon instructions 1,250   
In the glass-sided bookcase
Item Price Done
Origami primer 1,250   !!
On the wooden table you see
Item Price Done
Origami-paper envelope(10) 1,250   No
Origami-paper envelope(25) 3,125   No
Origami-paper envelope(50) 6,250   No
Origami-paper envelope(100) 12,500   No
Plain paper
On the low counter
Item Price Done
Origami-paper envelope(10) 3,750   No
Origami-paper envelope(25) 9,375   No
Origami-paper envelope(50) 18,750   No
Origami-paper envelope(100) 37,500   No
Multi-colored paper