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Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Leth Deriel
Map Ranik's Map 61
Owner Morikai
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Tanning shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Morikai's, Salesroom]
Exceedingly large in size, this hut provides room for storage shelves filled with almost every kind of skin and hide known. A fresh, almost comforting, scent of leather permeates everything. A large catalog sits on one end of the counter while an assistant waits to serve your every need. Fresh sawdust mingles with old, providing a dry and cushioned floor to walk on. Morikai's Assistant stands beside a hide covered doorway.

Page 1 - Skins
Item Price Done
Deer skin 225   No
Goblin skin 225   No
Ghoul skin 250   !!
Troll skin 1,500   No
Crocodile skin 1,500   !!
Page 2 - Pelts
Item Price Done
Buckskin pelt 175   No
Doeskin pelt 275   No
Cougar pelt 425   No
Bobcat pelt 750   !!
Reaver pelt 950   No
Blood wolf pelt 1,550   No
Page 3 - Hides
Item Price Done
Sluagh hide 300   !!
Page 4 - Various Parts
Item Price Done
Boar tusk 375   !!
Hog hoof 200   !!
Ram horn 325   !!