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Change the language you're speaking.

Displays the help menu.

Displays a list of languages that you know, and highlights the one you are currently speaking

LANGUAGE {tongue}
Switches to the chosen language

The LANGUAGE command is used to display which languages a player character can speak, and switch between them.

In addition to Common, every player character also knows a racial language (see below).

Valid Tongues

Language Race
Common all
Gamgweth Human
Gerenshuge Elothean
Gorbesh Kaldar and Gnome
Haakish Dwarf
Ilithic Elf
Olvi Halfling
Prydaenese Prydaen
Rakash Rakash
S'Kra S'Kra Mur
Toggish Gor'Tog

Sample Messaging

You switch to speaking in Ilithic.
You switch to speaking in Common.

You say in Ilithic, "Greetings."

Elves see: Isharon says in Ilithic, "Greetings."
Others see: Isharon says something in Ilithic.


  • The Bardic enchante Aura of Tongues allows the Bard, and those grouped with the bard, to understand (but not speak) other spoken languages, depending on how much mana the bard has alloted for the enchante.
  • Certain rare artifacts also allow the understanding of all languages for a limited time.


Some players have reported that their characters can speak the language of another race. This is a bug. ASSIST to have a GM fix it.

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