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The YELL command allows you to project your voice and be heard in adjacent rooms. The number of rooms your voice carries depends on syntax and guild.

SHOUT is synonymous with yell.


YELL - Shows this screen.
YELL [message] - Yells [message] to the current room plus 1 room away.
YELL LOUD [message] - Yells [message] to the current room plus 2 rooms away.
YELL BELT [message] - Yells [message] to the current room plus 3 rooms away.

Bards and Barbarians automatically add 1 to the number of rooms they can yell to.

  • You can grow hoarse from yelling. The more rapidly and/or louder you yell, the quicker you will go hoarse.


You hear a <male/female> voice yell from the <direction>, "[message]"

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