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The YELL command allows you to project your voice and be heard in adjacent rooms. The number of rooms your voice carries depends on syntax and guild.

You see: You yell, "<MESSAGE>"
Others see (in the room): <NAME> yells, "<MESSAGE>"
Others see (adjascent rooms): You hear a <male/female> voice yell from the <direction>, "<MESSAGE>"

SHOUT is synonymous with yell.

Game Helpfile

  YELL                  Shows this screen.
  YELL [message]        Yells [message] to the current room plus 1 room away.
  YELL LOUD [message]   Yells [message] to the current room plus 2 rooms away.
  YELL BELT [message]   Yells [message] to the current room plus 3 rooms away.

  * Bards and Barbarians automatically add 1 to the number of rooms they can yell to.
  * You can grow hoarse from yelling.  The more rapidly and/or louder you yell, the quicker you will go hoarse.
  * If you're using a racial LANGUAGE, only those who can understand it will.

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