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Hospitals are found in each of the provinces. While associated with the Empath Guild, the distinction is that each hospital will be staffed with an NPC Empath available to heal at all times. These Empaths will charge a fee for healing. If you do not have the coin on your person, a debt will be applied for the local province. All the various Empaths will heal major trauma, however each healer may not heal all wounds.

Use of healing herbs or remedies to heal your wounds will cause NPC Empaths to ignore any remaining wounds or scars on body parts affected by those herbs and remedies. You'll need to either accrue visible wounds on top of those existing wounds ignored by the autopath and revisit the NPC Empath, or seek out a PC Empath or utilize remedies that will fully heal the remaining wounds or scars.

Adventurers in Crossing and Riverhaven can use the DIR HOSPITAL command for step by step directions to the nearest hospital.


With most of the hospitals, in order to activate the Empath's healing, LIE DOWN or FALL. A few of the newer hospitals have a LIST you can JOIN. You will then start receiving messages such as:

Elys approaches you and touches you.
Your nervous system tingles for a moment, then suddenly feels a bit better. Elys looks a bit pale.
[9 Dokoras are taken from you.]
Roundtime: 1 seconds.


Province City Name Notes
Forfedhdar Hibarnhvidar Shalvard
Ilithi Chyolvea Tayeu'a Elys
Ilithi Shard Quentin
Ilithi Shard Atladene Estate Holder only
Ilithi Fang Cove Yrisa Estate Holder only
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Tanalae
Qi'Reshalia Ratha Onsuwayo
Qi'Reshalia Mer'Kresh Yolesi
Qi'Reshalia M'Riss, Penal Colony Amrillora Must have been caught for a crime on Mer'Kresh
Therengia Therenborough Srela
Therengia Riverhaven Fraethis Won't heal eye wounds.
Therengia Muspar'i Gaktrhn
Zoluren Knife Clan Dokt Heals all wounds except numbness in arms and legs.
Zoluren Leth Deriel Arthianna Heals all wounds. Will not take poison.
Zoluren Crossing Kaiva
Zoluren Crossing Martyr Saedelthorp