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Mirinn Saedelthorp
Status: Alive
Aliases: Martyr
Guild: Empath
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 1)
Type: guild leader
Associates: Alris, Ivinnes

A Khalo rae Aev for the Empath Guild.

Mirinn Saedelthorp began her career as Khalo rae Wen of Zoluren. She served as Guildleader for eleven years, then was promoted to Khalo rae Moda in Zoluren, appointing her good friend Annael as her replacement. After serving as Khalo rae Moda for about three decades, she retired from that position and became one of the many Khalo rae Aev in Zoluren. Eksharo succeeded her as Khalo rae Moda.

She is perhaps best known to non-Empaths as Martyr, working in the hospital across the street from the Empaths' Guild in Crossing.


One glance at Martyr Saedelthorp, and you envision a goddess descending from the heavens, swathed in veils of diaphanous white. Though undoubtedly a middle-aged Human, her porcelain skin retains the smooth luminescence of youth, and her gentle smile betrays not the slightest wrinkle beneath her silver hair. Pale, blue-colored eyes reflect a selflessness beyond comprehension as she moves patient to patient, offering her humble skills to those in need. Various herbs and bandages protrude from a small satchel bound with silken cord, and a golden Hodierna symbol rests over her heart, as a beacon for those she cannot save.