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Trading is the special skill of the Trader guild. It allows Traders to get better deals from merchants, better contract deals, and many other Trader-specific benefits. The amount that you earn upon completion of the following acts is determined in part by the value of the transaction that is taking place and what kind of transaction it is, all with consideration to your current level. As such, the greater your charisma, the greater amount that you receive financially per transaction, and thus, potentially, the greater the experience rewarded as well.

Non-traditional ways to train Trading:

  • selling branches to Mags
  • selling items at the pawn shop
  • completing foraging and skinning Tasks

Traditional ways to train Trading:

  • moving contracts for the guild
  • completing work orders
  • selling bundles, gems, and gem pouches

Note: Selling bundles and gems is potentially lucrative for both parties due to the Trader gem selling bonus. Selling individual gems does not teach any Trading, only gem pouches themselves.

Spells and abilities that boost Trading


Spells and abilities that decrease Trading


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