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A category for Trader spells.

Spell tree

Fluoresce(Debilitation)Blur (Augmentation)Avren Aevareae (Augmentation, Debilitation)Mask of the Moons(Warding)Elision (Warding)Regalia (Utility)Bespoke Regalia (Metamagic)Trabe Chalice (Warding)Crystal Dart (Targeted Magic)Arbiter's Stylus (Targeted Magic)Starcrash (Targeted Magic)Enrichment(Augmentation)Avtalia Array (Metamagic)Stellar Collector (Utility)Noumena (Utility)Finesse (Augmentation)Nonchalance (Warding)Membrach's Greed (Augmentation)Resumption (Metamagic)Last Gift of Vithwok IV (Augmentation)Platinum Hands of Kertigen (Augmentation)Turmar Illumination (Augmentation)Trader Spells2.png
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Summary of spell information

Bolded spells are signature spells.

Name Effect Type Skill Contest Prep
Duration Slots Mana
Arbiter's Stylus (ARS) Slice damage, Cold damage cyclic targeted 6-31 80-800 Indefinite 1 Lunar Magic
Avren Aevareae (AVA) +Thievery skill, +Stealth skill, -Thievery skill, -Stealth skill standard augmentation, debilitation, area of effect magic \ fortitude 10-66 80-800 2-0 2 Lunar Magic
Avtalia Array (AVTA) Passively charges worn cambrinth when in unobscured starlight while Noumena is active. metamagic 2 Lunar Magic
Bespoke Regalia Allows CAST {armor type} {area of coverage} metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Blur +Tactics, +Evasion standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-0 3 Lunar Magic
Crystal Dart (CRD) Puncture damage, Slice damage battle targeted 2-50 10-600 Instant 1 Lunar Magic
Elision (ELI) Prevents opponent attacks at the cost of Starlight Aura. ritual warding 400-900 400-1,250 0- 3 Lunar Magic
Enrichment battle augmentation 30-100 250-1,000 2-10 4 Lunar Magic
Finesse (FIN) +Charisma (stat), +Agility (stat), +Trader Bonus standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-0 2 Lunar Magic
Fluoresce (FLU) Damage Enhancer battle debilitation spirit \ reflexes 1-66 0-400 Instant 1 Lunar Magic
Last Gift of Vithwok IV (LGV) +Shield Usage skill standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-0 1 Lunar Magic
Mask of the Moons (MOM) Spells cast at you will sometimes go awry cyclic warding 5-25 250-1,000 Indefinite 2 Lunar Magic
Membrach's Greed (MEG) +Outdoorsmanship skill, +Skinning skill standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-0 2 Lunar Magic
Nonchalance (NON) Ward against Charm and Fear spells standard warding 5-100 10-600 10-0 1 Lunar Magic
Noumena (NOU) Allows Starlight Aura regeneration under cloud cover or in daylight standard utility 1-100 0-400 10-0 1 Lunar Magic
Platinum Hands of Kertigen (PHK) +Forging skill, +Outfitting skill, +Engineering skill standard augmentation 15-100 80-800 0- 3 Lunar Magic
Regalia (REGA) Creates crystal armor battle utility 15-100 80-800 0- 2 Lunar Magic
Resumption (RESUM) Preserves memories after death metamagic 1 Lunar Magic
Starcrash (STAR) Impact damage, Cold damage battle targeted, pulse damage 30-200 250-1,000 0- 2 Lunar Magic
Stellar Collector (STC) Allows collection and storage of starlight energy standard utility 30-100 250-1,000 0- 2 Lunar Magic
Trabe Chalice (TRC) Damage reduction: Slicing and Puncture protection. Ablative barrier. Impact damage can shatter it temporarily. standard warding 1-100 0-400 10-0 1 Lunar Magic
Turmar Illumination (TURI) +Intelligence (stat), +Perception skill standard augmentation 5-100 10-600 10-0 2 Lunar Magic


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