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A biennial Guildfest that is free to attend located south from the Theren gate. Additional information on the festival and events can be found by checking FESTIVAL in-game.


Instance Opens Closes
Prime Friday, June 16, 2023 Wednesday, June 25, 2023
Platinum June ??, 2023 June ??, 2023
Fallen June ??, 2023 June ??, 2023


Special Events

Location and Map

Therenborough Fairegrounds: entry is a field that is found S, SE, SW from the outside of the Theren gate.

GuildFestMap 3.png


The following free, guild-themed candies can be found at the following locations:

Room Bag Item
C dingy pouch set atop an irregular stone pyramid glowering candy Warrior Mage
E hemp sack tied to the end of a barbed spear dancing candy Barbarian
F silk pouch tied to the end of a broken telescope robed candy Moon Mage
G silvery pouch atop a narrow ivory pedestal armored candy Paladin
H ale-stained bag hanging from a wooden rack smiling candy Bard
I brown canvas feedbag slung across a broken caravan wheel winking candy Trader
K sturdy burlap backpack slung across the shoulder of a makeshift dummy nondescript candy Commoner
L frayed bag hanging from the branch of a potted sapling crouching candy Ranger
O grey pouch swirled with light and dark hues resting on a simple altar praying candy Cleric
P pale gauze bag resting on a miniature white cabinet bandaged candy Empath


Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
C massive canvas pavilion capped with fluttering pennants Imperial Pavilion merchant consultations/alterations N/A Yes
D series of sandalwood caravans auction hall ?? Yes
F ticket gate with a sign on it Faeries' Wheel ride (game); 100 lirum N/A Yes
J gaudily clothed barker Ring Toss Game game N/A Yes
M gaudily clothed barker Three Frog Monte game N/A Yes
Z tall canvas tent Somka's Skin Stylings tattoos ?? Yes
2 bright red tent Gerkin's Apple Show game (apple bobbing) yes Yes
hidden hidden A Dirty Shack Tattoos Necromancers*** Yes Yes

Some shops are circle based for some guilds listed.

*Some rooms in the shop are open to everyone.
**Anyone can enter, but only these people may buy.
***Anyone can enter or buy, if they can find the area, but items may have in-game consequences associated with this guild.
****Shop was moved after the event began.

Instructions for Editing Shop Tables

Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

"Shop Done" means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • All items have at least a basic link.
  • Rotating: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.
  • Limited: This shop has limited stock that may have sold out before archiving.
  • Please check shop inventory before confirming if inventory is accurate/complete
  • Bolded shops have new and/or updated inventory.
  • More shops may be added. Add to list when needed.

"Items Done" means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked and completed fully. This is now handled automatically by the template.

Use the following code for the shop list:

{{fest|room|entrance|shop name (true name)|shop name (display)|inventory|restrictions|done?}}


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