Foraging Emporium (2)

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The Foraging Emporium
Event Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 416, Guildfest 423, Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438, Guildfest 445
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Empath shops, Clothing shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Foraging Emporium]
Lightweight wooden trellises hung with a multitude of drying herbs line the walls of this high-ceilinged pavilion. Large mirrors make the most of the available light, creating the illusion of a much larger space. The pungent, woody smell of drying herbs pervades the area, along with the occasional sharp whiff of powerful alchemical regents. A portable stove littered with beakers, pots and pans is partially concealed by a folding screen. You also see some tall oaken shelves with several things on it, a sturdy oaken rack with several things on it, an expansive oaken table with several things on it and an exit flap.
Obvious exits: none.

This shops sells herb pouches/containers that stack herbs, similar to the cabinet in the Empaths' Guild Infirmary.

On the tall oaken shelves
Item Price Done
gold herbal case engraved with a stylized rising sun 100,000   
oak herbal case inlaid with the Empaths' Guild crest 5,000   
weighty ironwood herbal case 5,000   
misshapen driftwood herbal case inlaid with a knotwork kraken 3,500   
slender silverwood herbal case inlaid with floral designs 5,000   
copper herbal case with a rich verdigris patina 5,000   
polished burlwood herbal case 5,000   
graceful rosewood herbal case 5,000   
heavy steel herbal case inlaid with crossed silver scimitars 5,000   
sturdy steel herbal case 2,500   
belt-worn, 6x3x3 (60 stones)
On the sturdy oaken rack
Item Price Done
sanguine leather foraging apron trimmed with inky black suede 6,000   
twilight-blue foraging apron embroidered with a rampant unicorn 7,500   
blue-and-white striped cotton foraging apron 5,000   
graceful white foraging apron trimmed with Elothean lace 5,000   
undyed linen foraging apron embroidered with floral designs in golden thread 5,000   
rugged yeehar-hide foraging apron lined with sturdy steelsilk 5,000   
lightweight cotton foraging apron the color of new grass 5,000   
foraging apron crafted from supple oiled leather 6,000   
sturdy leather foraging apron 5,000   
supple foraging apron crafted from pristine white doeskin 7,500   
generally worn, 3x3x3 (200 stones)
On the expansive oaken table
Item Price Done
simple leather herb pouch 1,000   
dainty herb pouch fashioned from pristine white doeskin 42   
oiled leather herb pouch tooled with a crouching mountain lion 2,500   
black leather herb pouch with double-stitched seams 2,500   
buffed leather herb pouch tooled with the Empaths' Guild crest 2,500   
sanguine leather herb pouch branded with a jagged spiral motif 2,500   
supple leather herb pouch tooled with a stylized jadice flower 2,000   
pale hide herb pouch 1,000   
sturdy troll-skin herb pouch 1,500   
rugged yeehar-hide herb pouch 1,500   
belt-worn, 2x2x2 (150 stones)
These have been updated to hold the same volume as standard herb pouches.