In Plain Sight (5)

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In Plain Sight
Event Guildfest 431
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Necromancer shops, Clothing shops
Restrictions Necromancer
This store only accepts Dokoras

[In Plain Sight]
Painted in pale beige, the rough-hewn stone walls have a mix of anatomical charts and tailoring patterns framed upon them. The floor is covered in a deep taupe rug marred with darker spots surrounding a garish display flanked by two mannequins.
You also see some hanging tapestries, a bloodstained table with several things on it and a gore-streaked bench with several things on it.

On the garish display
Item Price Done
gloves befouled by a reddish-black substance 3,608   
fine silken shirt splattered with gore 7,216   !!
tailored pants wiped with bloody smears 7,216   
once fine boots caked with viscera 4,510   !!
A handwritten note reads: "The items on this display are more than they seem at first glance. The astute buyer will note that they can reflect our dual natures. Discrete or direct, one may project what one wishes the world to see with but a turn. ~ T."

On a nondescript mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of ordinary shoes 1,804   
woolen hose 1,804   
plain cotton skirt 1,804   No
modest blouse 1,804   
drab greyish-tan kerchief 1,804   !!
A small card reads: "These items can assist in getting townsfolk to receive you as one of their own. Please choose wisely, as you may pick only one item per mannequin."

On a plain mannequin
Item Price Done
scuffed laborer's boots 2,706   No
canvas carpenter's pants with a patch over the left knee 1,804   No
rawhide work gloves 1,804   No
simple linen shirt 1,804   
A small card reads: "These items can assist in getting townsfolk to receive you as one of their own. Please choose wisely, as you may pick only one item per mannequin."

On a bloodstained table
Item Price Done
unremarkable grey cotton cloak 18,040   
raw leather cloak painted with a wildly colored nature scene 27,060   
hooded aniline leather cloak dyed a deep reddish brown 36,080   
brilliant red-gold reptile skin cloak 54,120   
deeply hooded Elothean silk cloak clasped by an amber and onyx eye at one shoulder 72,160   

On a gore-streaked bench
Item Price Done
travelers robes 36,080   No
robe smudged with oil and soot 9,020   No
salt-stained oilcloth robe 9,020   No
elaborately draped robe held in place by pieces of firestained platinum 180,400   No
silk robe stained with shifting hues of red-streaked green 135,300   
dark woolen robe shadow-embroidered with a skeletal tree 360,800   

[In Plain Sight]
An uneven stone floor and crumbling stone walls suggest the recent addition of this extension. A single gaethzen orb hangs from a steelsilk cord, providing a modicum of illumination. The smell of damp masonry fills the air, and the cramped room is largely taken over by the wares for sale.
You also see a wood table with several things on it, a stone table with several things on it and a brass-banded trapdoor.

On the twisted statue
Item Price Done
tiny glass orb 135,300   
A small card reads: "The experiment has concluded. Seek their blessing, that you may be their foothold. Their numinous emissary will allow you 30 exaltations."

On the wood table
Item Price Done
damascened ritual knife acid-etched with alchemical symbols 7,847   No
wickedly curved talon knife with a damascened hilt 5,863   No
glaes tracker's knife composed of short exacting angles 16,236   No
upswept gutting knife with counter-curved handle 5,772   No
glaes-bladed triangular knife 15,785   No
hooked blade with an ebony handle 4,149   No

On the stone table
Item Price Done
barbed obsidian blade attached to a pair of tarnished bronze tailbands 7,216   No
sinuous blade tapering to an elongated point 6,765   No
turning knife made from a length of blackened soulstone 6,765   No
dull blade stained with ink 6,765   No
fused bone blade serrated with inset teeth 4,059   No
rusty dual-pronged blade set into a grip of charred bone 4,961   No