Illwind & Sons Lucky Disaster Salvage Co. (1)

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Illwind & Sons Lucky Disaster Salvage Co.
Event Guildfest 438, Guildfest 445
Owner Illwind
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Jewelry shops, Magic shops
Restrictions Trader
This store only accepts Lirums

Crushed Caravan

[Illwind & Sons Lucky Disaster Salvage Co., Crushed Caravan]
This caravan appears to have been smashed nearly in half by an enormous falling tree. Its deck is bowed toward the center, and its roof would have been quite open to the air were it not for a canvas tarp covering the missing third. Broad oval cross sections show concentric rings where an embedded trunk and branches were cut away sheer to the wooden walls in order to make room in the caravan's interior. Some whimsical -- or cruel -- merchandiser has set up tree-shaped wooden displays artfully painted in tones of precious metals, including a spiraling gold tree, a sinuous silver tree, a bowed copper tree, a curly platinum tree, and a wavy palladium tree. A small, framed piece of embroidery hangs upon a section of undamaged wall. You also see a small sign and a narrow door.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

A small sign reads:

In an unexpected bit of luck, we were able to salvage another small crate of Darsam's Drifters.  His caravans seem to suffer from an unusual amount of misfortune.
On the sinuous silver tree
Item Price Done
silver Kronars 200,000   
silver Dokoras 200,000   
silver Lirums - floats around your head 200,000   
These are atmospheric items.
On the bowed copper tree
Item Price Done
copper Kronars 20,000   
copper Dokoras 20,000   
copper Lirums 20,000   
These are atmospheric items.
On the wavy palladium tree
Item Price Done
pitted diras 380,000   
tarnished diras 380,000   
polished diras 380,000   
These are atmospheric items.

Burnt Caravan

[Illwind & Sons Lucky Disaster Salvage Co., Burnt Caravan]
A heavy scent of charred wood and smoked meat fills the air, and the walls of this caravan are blackened and scorched. Above, the wooden roof is entirely burned away, the opening covered by a canvas tarp that flaps and snaps whenever a wind comes up. You also see a scorched oak sideboard with a few things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

On the scorched oak sideboard
Item Price Done
black bean and oxtail soup 35   !!
camel ribs slathered in whiskey barbeque sauce 150   !!
ground donkey meat wrapped in bacon and sauteed with pepper and onions 55   !!
maple-smoked mule jerky twisted into a braid 45   !!
char-grilled horse steak heavily spiced with garlic and cracked peppercorns 175   !!
roadkill sausage with wild parsley and sage 65   !!
roast haunch of kregkeirel smothered in wild scallions 130   !!
rustic fruit salad of wild berries and sliced windfall apples with the bruises cut out 25   !!
spicy yak kebab with wild carrots and buttered roots 75   !!
rotating stock

Flooded Caravan

[Illwind & Sons Lucky Disaster Salvage Co., Flooded Caravan]
The floor and walls of this unfortunate caravan are horribly warped, the planking twisted and swelled into contorted shapes by extensive water damage. Above, the ceiling and upper walls support a fantastic garden of molds and fungi. A gap between this caravan and the next leads to a protected inner triangle between the three, but a chain is strung up to block the gap. You also see a small sign and a huge sea chest.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

A small sign reads:

These lucky finds were salvaged from a shipment of Tildi's Blooms several years ago and have only now resurfaced.  As it were.
On the huge sea chest
Item Price Done
lustrous iera vine heavy with velvet blossoms tinted the color of fresh blood 47,000   
delicate rose gold chain strung with clusters of silky honeysuckle 107,000   
iridescent covellite vine intertwined with colorful clematis flowers 87,000   
lace ribbon decorated with eglantine roses framed by feather-like leaves 157,000   
verdant dolphin vine sprouting clusters of delicate tubular flowers 167,000   
blue gossamer sjarta blooms sprinkled with snow-white geshi pearls 300,000   
ethereal velvet vine blooming with soft white strawberry blossoms 250,000   !!