Imperial Pavilion

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Imperial Pavilion
Event Guildfest 405, Guildfest 409, Guildfest 412, Guildfest 423, Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438
# of Rooms 1
Store Type food shops, drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Imperial Pavilion, Reception Lounge]
Lavish, burgundy brocades surround the spacious lounge with elegantly draping swags, each trimmed with golden satin tassels. A trio of gaethzen orbs in filigreed holders dangle from velvet ribbons at the central peak, bathing the room in a soft glow. Along the far wall are four curtains, beaded in crystals of vibrant emerald, sapphire, amber and ruby, each leading further into the spacious pavilion. Clusters of plump cushions placed around the area facilitate a more comfortable wait for visiting patrons.
You also see a wide canvas flap that leads out, a carved copperwood table with several things on it and a waiting list.

On the copperwood table
Item Price Done
pot of vanilla-spiced tea 0   DG
silver urn filled with rich mocha coffee frothed with steamed milk 0   
several bottles of a vintage T'Aliesan red wine 0   
cinnamon rum punch 0   
bunch of plump juicy grapes 0   
soft wine-laced cheese 0   
urn of long-stemmed chocolate-covered strawberries 0   
tray filled with soft white chocolate truffles in small paper cups 0