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Event Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438, Guildfest 445
Owner Beppo
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Trinket shops
This store only accepts Lirums


[Beppo's, Showroom]
Multicolored silks drape the walls throughout the area, with plush golden pard rugs covering the floor. In the back corner of the tent stand a couple of worktables covered in half-finished badges, some scrap metal and various stamping tools. A small lantern overhead reveals a narrow path that wends its way through the many displays, shelves and tables.
You also see a pine counter with several things on it and a rickety oak door.
Obvious exits: north.

On the walnut table
Item Price Done
gleaming copper badge engraved with "The beatings will continue until morale improves!" 1,000   
polished pewter badge stamped with "Provincial Idiot" 1,000   
bent silver badge painted with "Why do the weirdos always sit next to me?" 2,000   
cracked steel badge embossed with "Yes, dear..." 1,000   
brushed gold badge etched with "Please tell me that's a mask" 3,000   
On the pine counter
Item Price Done
gleaming steel badge stamped with "I like you! I'll kill you last" 1,000   
cracked gold badge etched with "I still miss my ex but my aim is improving!" 3,000   
polished bronze badge embossed with "I'm not weird, I'm gifted" 1,000   
burnished brass badge painted with "If I throw a stick, will you leave?" 1,000   
brushed copper badge engraved with "It's always the quiet ones!" 1,000   
On the maple shelf
Item Price Done
gleaming brass badge etched with "Fear the bunnies!" 1,000   
bent silver badge stamped with "Cross my heart and hope you die!" 2,000   
brushed gold badge embossed with "Don't get mad, get even!" 3,000   
polished steel badge painted with "If zombies eat brains, you're completely safe!" 1,000   
tarnished bronze badge carved with "He who hesitates is...umm" 1,000   
On the oak display
Item Price Done
blackened steel badge etched with "Beyond Help" 1,000   
brushed silver badge painted with "And your problem is...?" 2,000   
polished gold badge stamped with "Anti-Everything!" 3,000   
gleaming bronze badge embossed with "Be glad I'm not a twin!" 1,000   
tarnished brass badge carved with "No whining allowed!" 1,000   

Back Room

[Beppo's, Back Room]
Several colorful, wood shelves line the heavy canvas walls amid vibrant silks that drape from each corner of the small room. Plush, golden pard rugs surround an array of elegant brocade pillows at the center of the room, providing a comfortable spot to rest for weary shoppers.
You also see a golden filigreed tray with several things on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the filigreed tray
Item Price Done
bunch of plump juicy grapes 0   
slices of spring melon drizzled with an onion marmalade 0   
gold platter filled with tiny snowbeast sausages skewered with little sword-shaped sticks and served with a spicy radish dip 0   
pot of vanilla-spiced tea 0   
tray filled with several goblets of Glythtide's Merry Wine 0   
On the gold shelf
Item Price Done
polished brass badge engraved with "I'm trying to avoid you and yet here you are" 1,000   
brushed silver badge embossed with "I'm talking in common and you're listening in stupid" 2,000   
dented brass badge stamped with "Why has no one hit you with a shovel yet?" 1,000   
tarnished gold badge painted with "Apparently my pest repellant isn't working" 2,000   
blackened steel badge etched with "Keep it up and you'll become a strange smell in the attic" 1,000   
On the blue shelf
Item Price Done
burnished gold badge carved with "You had me at 'We'll make it look like an accident'" 3,000   
dented silver badge embossed with "In my mind, I've already killed you five times" 2,000   
gleaming steel badge etched with "Your crazy is showing!" 1,000   
tarnished copper badge stamped with "Underestimate me. That'll be fun" 1,000   
cracked pewter badge painted with "I have a stick and you look like a pinata" 1,000   
On the burgundy shelf
Item Price Done
gleaming steel badge embossed with "Good morning! I see the assassins have failed" 1,000   
polished silver badge engraved with "Puns are how eye roll" 2,000   
gold lion-shaped badge painted with "You ain't lion!" 3,000   
brass dragon-shaped badge etched with "Nothing a little Dragon's Breath won't cure" 1,000   
bronze cat-shaped badge carved with "Check Meowt!" 1,000   
On the green shelf
Item Price Done
blackened steel badge embossed with "You remind me of a copper .... two-faced and not worth much" 1,000   
tarnished pewter badge engraved with "You just can't heal stupid" 1,000   
gleaming brass badge etched with "I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one" 1,000   
polished gold badge stamped with "If you ran like your mouth, you'd be in great shape!" 3,000   
bent silver badge painted with "What doesn't kill you, disappoints me" 2,000