Auntie Phanie's Phancies (3)

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Auntie Phanie's Phancies
Festival Guildfest 416
Owner Phanie
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Crafting shops, Food shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Auntie Phanie's Phancies, Sales Floor]
This area of the wagon's interior has been painted a cheery pink on the ceiling and walls interrupted only by a meringue-white door, while the floor has been covered in a vibrant carpet woven with a tart motif. Streamers of ribbon, punctuated by bows at even intervals, hang from the crossbeams just above a long display counter and decorate all three of the tables that dominate the space. Attendant Rosaya bustles about excitedly, making sure everything runs smoothly. You also see a taffelberry-black rack with several things on it, a wide blueberry-hued credenza with a few things on it and a cerise stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the taffelberry-black rack
Item Price Done
soft white hat braided with a rainbow of colored ribbons 1,200   
crocheted helm-shaped hat of soft and muted greys 1,300   
red hair-covered hat with a comical cowlick 2,000   
sepia and black hat adorned with large tufted caracal ears 1,500   
grey wolf-eared hat decorated with jet beads 2,200   
On the long display counter
Item Price Done
glass jar of taffelberries 300   
glass jar of strawberries 300   
glass jar of blueberries 300   
glass jar of elderberries 300   
glass jar of gooseberries 300   
glass jar of raspberries 300   
On the peach-colored table
Item Price Done
elaborate toe bells shaped like lilies and tulips 2,000   
polished toe bells with slender velvet ties 6,000   
dented toe bells covered in a thin layer of patina 4,800   
On the pomegranate table
Item Price Done
dark leather spats with ivory buttons 20,000   
cream-colored spats with a trio of white ironwood buttons 25,000   
glossy wyvern hide spats with decorative edging and wing-shaped buttons 200,000   
On the apple-red table
Item Price Done
darned toe socks of gradient purple hues 10,000   
unraveling toe socks 10,000   
pair of ankle-high toe socks embroidered with an emerald-colored filigree 15,000   
pair of black and green oak-leaf patterned toe socks 15,000   
rainbow toe socks decorated with beads shaped into unicorns and dragons 15,000   
On the wide blueberry-hued credenza
Item Price Done
side-laced knee pants with braided twine laces 8,500   
tailored khaki knee pants with flared hems 9,500   
slouched knee pants with skull and crossbone patterned patches 5,500   
On the cerise stand
Item Price Done
vivid butterfly-shaped handbag accented with a multitude of gemstones 30,000   
spotted cow-shaped handbag with large glitter-filled googly eyes 17,000   
dark damask purse figured with dancing skeletons 20,000   
fringed leather purse strung with skull-shaped bone beads 15,000   
bright red ruby-studded tote patterned with felt flames 20,000   
saffron oilcloth tote with forest green and black straps 50,000   
champagne-hued poke crafted from braided hemp 30,000   
pale ivory carpetbag accented by diamond-cut plum garnets 15,000   

[Auntie Phanie's Phancies, Sitting Room]
Framed simply and hung low on the blue walls are several paintings of baked goods. Several plush couches are arranged around a low table decorated with several small bouquets of snowdrops. Off to the side is a thick black curtain fringed with golden tassels. You also see a woven basket full of crochet hooks.
Obvious exits: east.

In the woven basket full of crochet hooks
Item Price Done
pair of blued steel crochet hooks 1,500   
pair of icesteel crochet hooks 400,000   
pair of silversteel crochet hooks 600,000   
pair of amboyna burlwood crochet hooks 25,000   
pair of e'erdream crochet hooks 100,000   
A small note reads:
"These hooks are for hair styling, not for crafting. No refunds!"