Natural Magic (2)

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Natural Magic
Event Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438, Guildfest 445
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Drink shops, Empath shops, Food shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops
Restrictions Empath, Trader
This store only accepts Lirums

Sales Floor

[Natural Magic, Sales Floor]
A braided rag carpet dyed a rich verdant green covers much of the dusty plank floor, and lush flowering swags haphazardly climb the knotty pine walls, lending the cramped interior a heady floral motif. Several birch tables and a carved sandalwood rack are clustered opposite a whitewashed sideboard positioned within easy reach of a cushioned wicker sofa. A tall bamboo screen separates one corner from the rest of the caravan.
You also see a narrow ladder and a round door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the sandalwood rack
Item Price Done
soft suede foraging apron adorned with carved wooden herb charms 960   
brown leather foraging apron edged with yellowed bear claws 1,835   
linen foraging apron elaborately embroidered with dark green lyrandia vines 3,360   
tawny doeskin foraging apron lined with soft white snowbeast fur 3,245   
bright foraging apron with deep pockets painted to resemble flower pots 3,845   
deep azure cotton foraging apron trimmed with dangling turquoise beads 4,720   
On the birch table
Item Price Done
deep crimson oblong gourd embellished at the rim with bright gidii feathers 1,300   
forest green long-necked gourd embellished at the rim with amber teardrops 1,312   
pure white flat-bottomed gourd embellished at the rim with wispy swan feathers 1,680   
deep umber round gourd embellished at the rim with malachite arrowheads 2,480   
dark blue wide-necked bottle gourd embellished at the rim with chunks of sea glass 1,000   
On the whitewashed sideboard
Item Price Done
hollowed horn filled with sugared pansies 0   
large iron pitcher of mulled wine 0   
small kettle of aromatic tea 0   
bucket of fresh strawberries 0   
jar of plump blueberries 0   

Corner Nook

[Natural Magic, Corner Nook]
Sheer green fabric shot with vines of gold thread hangs in swags around the room, gleaming slightly under light shed from large, suspended lanterns. Spanning one wall is a wide shelf, a birch table centered directly beneath it. Nestled next to the table's left front leg, a ceramic urn is nearly overshadowed. A carved willow display stand on the opposite side of the nook holds charms on a shallow top shelf and a jewelry case on the lower shelf.
You also see a rugged oak worktable with several things on it and a tall bamboo screen with a thick parchment mounted to it.
Obvious exits: none.

A thick parchment reads:
"Most of the cambrinth items in this wagon are pre-charged with Life mana.  
Please shop wisely, as refunds will not be issued."
On the oak worktable
Item Price Done
black cassava root anklet dangling with ruby charms 2,105,000   
twisted cassava root nestled amongst a bed of feathers 2,057,500   
small cassava root earring pierced with a red hawk's feather 2,065,000   
striking cassava root bangle painted in shades of blue 2,073,500   
grubby cassava root fetish intermixed with fossilized bone shards 2,037,500   
slender piece of cassava root cradled in strands of brushed silver 2,100,000   
slim cassava root bracelet strung with spiderweb turquoise beads 2,085,000   
chubby cassava root affixed with googly eyes 2,063,750   
heart-shaped piece of cassava root tangled in a ball of vines 2,085,000   
gnarled cassava root 2,010,000   
Cassava root shows an Empath their shock level.
On the willow stand
Item Price Done
diminutive flower charm expertly whittled from polished oak 850,000   
diminutive flower charm delicately carved from silver maplewood 1,150,000   
diminutive flower charm crudely carved from white birch 600,000   
atmospheric jewelry
On the green jewelry case
Item Price Done
golden necklace decorated with a sapphire-encrusted butterfly charm - Refresh 50,000   
ruby-encrusted tear-shaped pin - Blood Staunching 18,750   
asketine unicorn pin - Compost 16,000   
spell-casting jewelry
In the ceramic urn
Item Price Done
small cambrinth stone strung on steel wire - 8 mana 3,000   
cambrinth armband etched with a scene of several Halflings in front of a cottage - 32 mana 35,000   
elegant hairnet made from platinum wires interspaced with cambrinth flecks - 8 mana 90,000   
blue-streaked cambrinth ring engraved with tiny clasping hands on the sides - 4 mana 14,800   
On the birch table
Item Price Done
topaz-crested cambrinth wave parted by a shimmering blue-scaled narmorbreth 92,400   
emerald-veined cambrinth leaf bearing a tiny forest woodwisp 62,500   
amber-veined cambrinth branch tipped with a spotted colepexy 62,500   
pitted cambrinth ball captured in the jaws of a mischievous dirnel 62,500   
winged alfar guardian clutching an onyx-veined cambrinth shield 62,500   
ruby-veined cambrinth flame engulfing a menacing alfar avenger 62,500   
32 mana each; attuned to life mana
In the flower jar (which is on a wide shelf)
Item Price Done
cambrinth geshiloira flower with ivory-inlaid petals 12,000   
cambrinth parrot tulip with fringed ruby-veined petals 24,000   
cambrinth chama blossom with curled nacre-edged petals 12,000   
cambrinth moonflower with diamond dusted petals 24,000   
starry cambrinth narcissus centered with a large geshi pearl 24,000   
dainty cambrinth starflower with garnet-tipped petals 20,000   
amethyst-petaled cambrinth iris with a dark emerald stem 24,000   
pink sapphire-veined cambrinth amaryllis with a white topaz center 24,000   
cambrinth jes-rose edged with tiny white seed pearls 12,000   
cambrinth vela'tohr flower with sapphire-swirled petals 24,000   
16 mana each
In the glass jar (which is on a wide shelf)
Item Price Done
nacre-winged cambrinth moth 12,000   
fuzzy cambrinth bumblebee 8,000   
dainty cambrinth dragonfly with gem-encrusted wings 35,000   
cambrinth grasshopper with emerald-tipped antennae 12,000   
large cambrinth maggot 8,000   
blue-backed cambrinth scarab beetle 12,000   
red cambrinth sand leech 8,000   
black cambrinth sand leech 12,000   
tiny cambrinth flea 4,000   
ruby-winged cambrinth ladybug with small onyx spots 20,000   
bright green cambrinth caterpillar 8,000   
engorged cambrinth bloodworm 8,000   
16 mana each