Frieden's Fabulous Frivolities (3)

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Frieden's Fabulous Frivolities
Event Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438, Guildfest 445
Owner Frieden
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Thief shops
Restrictions Thief
This store only accepts Lirums

[Frieden's Fabulous Frivolities]
Understated black velvet forms the walls of this small tent, the color matching the clothing of most of its customers. Purple glowstone spheres are placed around the wares for sale, emitting a sickly yellow light. Dominating the majority of one wall is a sign penned in a fanciful, scrolling hand.
You also see a wide shelf with several things on it, a silk-draped table with several things on it, a tiered rack with several things on it, a fleece-lined basket, an exit flap and an onyx beaded curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

A huge sign reads:
"~ My cambrinth creations are of the utmost quality.  
Usable by mages, these creations can also be used by my guild brothers and sisters 
in a convincing show by focusing and snapping them after careful STUDY.  
Please note that without sufficient expertise in the shadowy arts and magical devices, 
mages may notice you bumble attempts to use my incredible invention.  
The mechanism is too small to be seen -- though perhaps with a good appraisal, 
it may be visible.  Enjoy, my brethren! ~"
On the wide shelf
Item Price Done
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Traders' Guild 6,000   
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Rangers' Guild 4,000   
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Bards' Guild 5,000   !!
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild 4,000   !!
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the War Mage Guild 4,000   !!
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Empaths' Guild 4,000   !!
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Clerics' Guild 4,000   !!
cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Paladins' Guild 4,000   !!
These hold 4 mana.
On the silk-draped table
Item Price Done
wide cambrinth ring displaying a gem in the shape of a snail 18,000   
delicate aquamarine ring studded with cambrinth beads 17,500   
fat thumb band crafted from smooth cambrinth 17,500   
masculine cambrinth band engraved with a seven-pointed star 22,000   
lumpy cambrinth ring resembling a tiny mountain range 15,000   
dainty cambrinth band edged in a rainbow of sapphires 25,000   
oversized silver ring topped by a lump of cambrinth 15,000   
set of three cambrinth rings inlaid with rubies 21,000   
heavy cambrinth thumb ring carved into the shape of a mouse 20,000   
slim pinky ring covered in overlapping cambrinth scales 15,000   
These hold 4 mana.
On the tiered rack
Item Price Done
hammered silver armband wound with cambrinth nightshade blossoms 35,000   
cambrinth armband displaying a magnificent roaring lion 45,000   
unadorned cambrinth armband 18,000   
polished steel armband with inlaid cambrinth cookies topped by ruby sprinkles 30,000   
lustrous platinum armband encircled by flitting cambrinth fae 270,000   
braided gold armband interspersed with cambrinth beadwork 35,000   
darkened steel armband set with a row of jagged cambrinth chunks 18,000   
sleek ebonwood armband inlaid with a stalking cambrinth panther 25,000   
narrow platinum armband inlaid with cambrinth shrikes 40,000   
glassy obsidian armband inset with a cambrinth scorpion 18,000   
bright silver armband inlaid with cambrinth nightingales in flight 18,000   
These hold 32 mana.
In the fleece-lined basket
Item Price Done
cambrinth hawk perched on a black jade branch 25,000   
scraggly cambrinth vulture feasting on a bloodwood ox 25,000   
fanciful cambrinth fae clad in rose quartz robes 25,000   
napping cambrinth cat with long bronze whiskers 25,000   
emerald-eyed cambrinth panther cub pouncing on a garnet nightshade blossom 45,000   
cambrinth hemlock blossom with delicate jade leaves 24,000   
jagged hunk of cambrinth 15,000   
pudgy cambrinth walrus on a jagged chunk of onyx 25,000   
These hold 32 mana.

>go curtain
A servant bars your way, whispering "I'm sorry, but I'm under orders not to admit anyone unless they're properly accompanied."