Sebastien's Fine Print (2)

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Sebastien's Fine Print
Event Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Trader shops
Restrictions Trader
This store only accepts Lirums

[Sebastien's Fine Print, Showroom]
Well-crafted canvas has been carefully stretched and securely tied to strong poles that rise overhead and stretch to the center of the tent. Indirect light from shielded lanterns casts a cheerful glow about the curtained area. Everything within the room has been arranged to precision.
You also see a cherrywood shelf with several things on it, a cherrywood counter with several things on it, a cherrywood table with several things on it, a cherrywood bookcase with several things on it and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

cherrywood bookcase
Item Price Done
black ledger with gold scroll-work set with seed pearls 50,212   
red ledger embossed with a phoenix rising from a nest of gold flames 31,987   
ledger covered with sturdy sailcloth bearing a sketch of a three-masted ship 15,412   
ledger bound in quilted red damask and stitched with silver and gold thread 23,437   
ledger of stiff leather inset with plates of mother-of-pearl 30,681   
tan cowhide leather ledger branded with the crest of the Traders' Guild 20,112   
ledger covered in crocodile hide secured with silver rivets 22,937   
cherrywood table
Item Price Done
ledger case of tough hickory with the towers of Shard carved on the front 12,475   
hand-tooled maroon ledger case with the initials "T.G." set in diamond chips 41,587   
ledger case covered in sky-blue silk and embroidered with a caravan in gold thread 31,275   
ebony ledger case set with white topazes and a silver clasp and hinges 35,900   
ledger case of aromatic cedar and a brilliant green sapphire set on the front in a golden rosette 30,906   !!
yak-hide ledger case scuffed on the edges and marked with dents and scratches 12,300   
ledger case woven from strips of tough but supple leather over a copper frame 7,050   
cherrywood counter
Item Price Done
contract case covered with a mosaic of enameled chips showing the Crossing Traders' Guild 20,837   
varnished wicker contract case with leather hinges and a pewter clasp 14,725   !!
contract case with a mahogany frame that holds cut-glass insets on front and back 18,412   
red maple contract case inlaid with garnets and yellow topazes 36,556   
pine contract case with a pattern of interlocking circles burned into the top 12,262   
polished silver contract case embossed with a bed of lilies in full bloom 59,900   
oak contract case with wrought iron corners and clasp 12,850   
cherrywood shelf
Item Price Done
verdant silk storage book embroidered with Elamiri roses 356,175   
glossy white storage book covered in strands of spiderweb turquoise 361,250   
cloth-of-silver storage book clasped with an abyssal quartz button 367,500   
burnished leather storage book tooled with twining vines 345,000   
dark storage book embossed with a majestic oak tree 359,500