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Note: The bugs on this list were last updated on February 12, 2012, so the information here is likely outdated.

In order to record a new bug, please go to DragonRealms 3.0 Bugs.

This is a list of the known DragonRealms bugs.


  • After you depart an arm worn shield is still used even though it isn't on you because you're naked. (your evasion stance must be 0)


  • Store help text says that STORE (option) should show the target for that option. It instead gives a blank return.


  • Circling or training stats while under the effects of a buffing spell or ability will result in the buff being zeroed out. When the spell later wears off, it will act like a debuff. Circling or training while under the effects of a debuffing spells or ability will result in the reverse effect, acting as a buff when the effect wears off.
    • Fix: Log out and back in.
    • "This is a non trivial thing to fix, nor has it been fixed." --GM Raesh


  • Items thrown interact oddly with the janitor. Leave a room after throwing something, even for a split second, at your peril.
  • According to the GMs, all the non-damaging brawling moves, such as BOB, WEAVE, etc, have no effect.
  • If you are much more skilled than your target, attempts to GRAPPLE will "roll over" and make it impossible to actually succeed.
  • The message indicating a weapon has been knocked from your hand will not occur if reduced combat messing is set through SET command.


  • When losing a temporarily memorized spell scroll because a cast spell drops you below minimum attunement requiremets, any instance of the cast spell's name in the casting messaging is replaced by the lost spell's name instead. This is most noticable with Enchantes since they often include the enchante's name in their pulsing messaging.


  • Studying first aid charts while under a scholarship skill boosting ability may reduce the amount of scholarship gained. More tests need to be done, as only Faenella's Grace was tested.


  • SLIP HELP specifies that SLIP <right|left|item> will stow the specified item, this does not work. You must use SLIP <item> IN <container>.
  • SLIP COIN EASY/HARD gives no difference between the options ever since the slip rewrite.
  • Since the disarm rewrite locked doors that used to be pickable no longer are, preventing access to a few areas of the game
  • <TT>SNIPING</tt> while invisible will cause the invisibility to fail and no attempt to snipe to be made. This is a partial bug, as it is intended that the invisibility fails.


The current forging system is so bug-riddled, there is little need to list them.


  • Being disconnected often results in them disappearing and a fee must be paid to the stable to retrieve them. Often tack is lost and/or horses become bugged and cannot be stabled again.

Swappable Weapons in Shops

Sometimes you cannot see both sides of a swappable weapon (such as a bastard sword) when you APPRAISE it carefully in a shop. (This applies to shops with SHOP functionality.)

Guild Specific


  • Berserk Stone - Even after death you still seethe with blood lust. Berserk ends shortly after departing giving you a stun.
  • CHOKE - Attempting to CHOKE something with a weapon in your hand results in a normal attack.


  • Call of the Siren, when spawning red leucros, will message that a black leucro has arrived.
  • Eye of Kertigen lost the ability to be played by multiple bards in the same room even though it is a self-only enchante.
  • Hodierna's Lilt when played on an instrument will message that the instrument type is being affected by the enchante in addition to any actual targets.
    • E.g. You sense that Lyres/Harps is soothed by the power of your enchante.
  • Merelew's Legacy will override a cleric's Persistence of Mana effect on each pulse, vastly reducing their improved attunement levels. It does not directly cause a cleric to drop below 100% attunement.
  • Phoenix's Pyre will sometimes message hitting players/critters in their 'Chorus' or 'Verse' instead of their body part. This is simply a messaging error.
  • Phoenix's Pyre will "steal" the targeting matrix of other TM spells. For example, while singing pyre, prep bolt/target, then wait. On the next pulse, Pyre will use Bolt's targeting, and Bolt will then act as if you had never begun targeting.
  • Desert's Maelstrom when played on an instrument will message that the instrument is steadier on its feet, as though it were a player in your group. In the case of instruments with multiple words in their short name (e.g. stamping stick) the messaging will include only the first word.
    • E.g. You notice that Stamping seems to be much steadier on their feet.
  • Sanctuary will sometimes cause critters to despawn with no messaging. Any lodged weapons will be lost.
  • A critter affected with Call of the Siren will message you ("unable to look away" or "tears its eyes from you") when it attempts to change rooms, even if you're not in the same room as it.
  • Aura of Tongues has a messaging bug that lists mana sensed in neighbouring rooms as one of the understood languages when using the CONCENTRATE/PERCEIVE verb.
    • E.g. Concentrating upon the sing-song phrases of "Aura of Tongues", you grow confident in your ability to understand the pale mana to the east, and flickering mana to the north., Haakish, Ilithic, Olvi, Toggish, Gerenshuge, S'Kra Mur, Gamgweth, Gorbesh, Prydaen, and Rakash languages, in addition to any others you already speak.
  • If a bard begins humming and then ends an enchante, the game will believe they have stopped humming. Thus the bard could attack while humming, for example. Also applies to playing an instrument.
  • Bardic Screams
    • Using HAVOC will sometimes put you at melee with the target instead of pushing the target to missile. This appears to be the result of not getting the full success on the HAVOC.
    • Screaming from hiding when target is not visible or in room, makes you SCREAM OUT, and also reduces your mojo as if you were using the scream.
      • In the case of SCREAM DEFIANCE where there is no target, it cannot be used at all from hiding.
      • Scream <target> requires the full name to be typed out sometimes.
    • SCREAM HAVOC gives damage messaging even though it is not a damaging attack. (Possibly more of a design limitation than a bug per se, but still highly annoying.)
  • Very, very rarely, Enchantes interacting with a Shear effect can result in the death of either the Bard or the Moon Mage.
  • When singing Harmony loudly, Barbarians in your group are sometimes not able to use their roars.
  • While playing an instrument-only enchante such as Sanctuary, stowing the instrument them immediately logging off before the game recognises you have stowed your instrument will cause you to continue the enchante via singing when you log back on. This teach vocals once logged back on.
  • Starting a sung/chanted enchante while webbed messages as if you were using an instrument with the instrument being blank.
sing misd
You struggle against your bindings to play Misdirection on , but soon fail.
Roundtime: 3 seconds.
You hum the low, first tones of "Misdirection" quietly, and find yourself getting caught up immediately in its quick, almost sinuous phrases. The pattern of your enchante starts to take hold and you raise your voice enough to encompass those close to you, now singing the soft words to the song.


  • Using Arc Light against any target, construct or not, will likely cause Shock.
  • Using Frostbite against any target, construct or not, will likely cause Shock. The GMs are aware of this but are unlikely to fix it before Magic 3.0.
  • Attempting to Shift someone's features while that person is wearing feature-hiding or feature-altering items or while that person is under the influence of certain spells (for example, Mantle of Flame) results in the following error: "Character's appearance is too difficult to alter at this time. Perhaps another time?"

Moon Mage

  • Moonblade - Unwarded moonblades do not function properly in water. Your last maneuver changes, but nothing else happens(RT, actual swing, etc.). Warding the moonblade causes it to function properly.
  • Moonblade - Sometimes an unwarded moonblade will stop giving the special messaging when attacking. Warding and unwarding again or switching targets can fix this temporarily, although it doesn't always work.
  • Tamigen does not work with the 100th circle ability.Fixed
  • Telekinetic Storm does not target Calmed creatures.


Please read the Necromancer Secret Policy before editing this page.


  • Scout area does not properly reset with respect to engagement
  • Tracking across "area barriers" (not climbs or swims, just places where the game says you're a new area, like gweth range) does not work

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